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Aug 3, 2006 08:56 PM

middle eastern restaurant

not just a falafel joint, but a good sit-down meal. any recs? thanks.

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  1. for iranian, i like pars

    here's one thread about pars, but it seems the super long write up i did on the place didn't make the transition over to the new board. oh well.

    my favorite things are their appetizers, which are excellent. served with hot fresh bread (which, despite its hot freshness, isn't particularly tasty). service can be scattered/surly.

    kabobs are much better at persepolis (on the UES), but appetizers are much better at pars.

    i also like mamlouk, on east 4th street. it's a multicourse prix fixe extravaganza where you eat until you roll out. i think it's $35 pp and i've always like their food. lots of carmelized onions on the rice, great lamb, good apps.

    i think that they are owned by the same people who own moustache (two locations, east and west village), which is more informal but also very very tasty. i love their super fresh tabbouleh, the hummous (with a great puddle of delicious lemon juice and olive oil on top), and the chicken served over lentil puree.

    rose water (f/k/a freddie on the old board)

    1. Turkish Cuisine on 9th near 45th is great, and second Moustache in the WV.

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        Both are great recs but I think I actually prefer the food at Moustache to Turkish Cuisine.

      2. Turkish Kitchen on 3rd Ave and 27th Str is better than Turkish Cuisine. Also Ali Baba on 34th and 1st Avenue has very good Turkish food and mezes. Highly recommended.