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Aug 3, 2006 08:51 PM

easy on an off I-95

I'm looking for a diner type place or a good breakfast lunch place north of bmore (slightly north) or in bmore. I live in DC and the people I'm meeting live in phili and I figure that bmore is a happy middle. But we need it to close to I95.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. T and T (or maybe it's called Double T Diner) in White Marsh. Classic east coast Greek diner with EVERYTHING on the menu (BTW, Greek does not mean that the food is Greek, it's a type of diner that was usually owned and operated by a Greek family). Veal parmagiana is a typical offering.

    1. The one Steve is talking about is definitely called 'Double T Diner.'

      There's also the Broadway Diner on Eastern Ave (exit 59 off 95). It's technically southeast Baltimore, but it's a difference of 10 minutes on the highway.

      I've never been to the Double T and the Broadway Diner is... diner-ish.

      1. If Canton or Fells Point is close enough to I95, you might consider Sip and Bite (Boston St. just about at Aliceanna) or Jimmy's (Broadway at Lancaster St.)

        Jimmy's has the advantage of being right on the square at the waterfront in Fells Point, making for a nice post-breakfast stroll.

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          Sip and Bite is quite an unusual spot. If you've ever wondered how one kitchen can pull off an extensive diner menu within a few minutes time (hint: heavy use of the microwave), this is the place to go, as you sit in the kitchen. However, much of the food is barely passable.

          1. re: Steve

            Sip and Bite gets high marks from me for being one of the few breakfast places around that has real ham.

        2. Try pit beef row off Pulasky Highway on the east side of Bmore. Chaps and Big Als make the best: thin sliced medium rare beef with a smoky, peppery crust, piled high on a kaiser roll with Tulkoff's horseradish and raw onion. Not fine dining but an excellent lunch and a bargain at twice the price. Just off 95 I believe.

          1. Panera/Chic-Fil-A is off the White Marsh (exit 67?) which is about halfway between DC and Philly. It's the easiest if you do not want to lose time with a more traditional sit down meal. There's a ton of other places in the White Marsh section just off 95 that I am sure others can help you out with.