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Aug 3, 2006 08:40 PM

Light lunch in/around Richmond

We'll be making our annual pilgrimmage to the Outer Banks and are taking a different route (460) this time. We usually lunch at the Trellis or Cheese Shop in Williamsburg. Anything along those lines in the Richmond area, or slightly north of Richmond, close to I-95? Looking for light -- seafood, salads, etc. Thanks.

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  1. If you can make it to Wakefield on 460, try the Virginia Diner. Great ham biscuits and peanut pie! And make sure to get some Virginia peanuts to take to the OBX.

    1. Ashland is a great little town and there are two places that I can recommend. One is the Iron Horse Restaurant - very good for lunch the tapas plate is great and the grilled vegetable sandwich is fantastic. Their website is: Another place in Ashland is Homemades by Suzanne. They have great box lunches and there are lots of places in Ashland to sit and enjoy them (including the grounds of Randolph Macon College). Their website is: Enjoy!

      1. Thanks very much! The Virginia Diner might be a bit far for us (coming from north of DC), and since we're going down on a Saturday Homemades by Suzanne doesn't look like an option. But the Iron Horse looks great! Its menu seems to have something for everyone, including my ridiculously limited-cuisine children! I'll post a reply after we go.

        1. Richmond is actually full of some great restaurants! I love the soul food in the Jackson Ward area called "Crocker Spot". My mother could not stop talking about the corn bread, and there was an episode on Food Network where Bobby Flay was blown away. Easy off and on for 95.

          I also like Comfort. This is southern comfort food where you would take the Boulivard exit and take a left onto Broad St. It would be on the left.

          For BBQ my husband's favorite bbq of all time is Buz and Neds. This too is just off the hwy. Right by the Braves stadium. Let me tell you he trys it all over and can never find one that compares. This is not carolina style, it is like no where else.

          If you don't mind getting a little more into town I like Kuba Kuba for Cuban food. This is in the Fan area, the largest Victorian neighborhood in the country.

          Downtown for something nice I love Pomegrante. It is on Cary St. by the Omni hotel. Many tourists love the Tabacco Company in that area, but I think the food at Pomegrante is much better!!!

          In Petersburg (which isn't a great looking town) by the court house though is a great cafe for sandwiches. I don't remember the name but it is kiddy corner from the courthouse.

          Hope this helps. If you want any specific addresses or phone numbers for the above just let me know.

          1. Kuba Kuba for Cuban food and Edo's Squid for pasta and italian are good lunch choices, but Pho So #1 is a great Vietnamese noodle joint. Comfort is pretty good, but sometimes verges on diner food with more upscale prices.

            And of course, when you get to the OBX, YOU MUST GO TO JOHN'S DRIVE-IN. Kitty Hawk, MP 3.5, Get the Dolphin Sandwich or boat. And a fantastic milkshake (I get peach or chocolate-banana)