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Aug 3, 2006 08:30 PM

Favorite Cocktails at No 9

I recently moved to Beacon Hill and am having a hard time staying away from the Bar at No 9. Last night I perhaps overindulged and had several (6,oops!!) cocktails there. The bartender there is absolutley unbelievable and it is taking a rather large amount of will power to stay at work versus running back for another marathon cocktail session.
To the best of my memory (it gets a touch hazy..)
I had a:
Papa Doble
Saigon Sling
Pegu Club
Pisco Sour (Unbelievably good!!)
Whishey Smash

Evey one of these was perfectly made and Ryan was able to tell me the history to each of the drinks.

I was wondering other people enjoy there?

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  1. Question about the pisco sour: was it very frothy?

    I've had them a few times in town and been disappointed, most are clearly made using powdered sour mix and don't have nearly the same texture that I had when I drank hundreds of them in Peru. Some that I had were seriously frothy and delicious.

    I've only been to No. 9 Park once, but I had a Palmyra, which I found to be pretty much a perfect cocktail.

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      I'm pretty sure if a drink is supposed to be frothed, No. 9 uses real egg white in it, as in the Ramos Fizz, a cocktail I suspect few bartenders in town have heard of, much less know how to make, and that No. 9 does a beautiful version of. It's one of those drinks that sounds pretty horrible (gin, cream, lemon juice, lime juice, orange flower water, sugar, seltzer), yet is actually delicious when done properly. Due to the salmonella risk, it is probably best avoided by people with compromised immune systems.

    2. Ha- I've done that too many times at No 9 - worse when I've already done the tasting lunch with wine, and then stay for another couple of hours at the bar. Some favorites include the Mint Julep, Aviator, and Hearst. Oh - and they know so much about various pre-Prohibition cocktails. Now I just tell John or Ryan I want to try try a few different drinks and to choose for me - hmmm, I guess that's a cocktail tasting menu at the bar.

      1. The Pisco Sour at No. 9 Park is definitely frothy! I had my fair share of pisco sours in Chile, and it met my expectations.

        1. The Palmyra is without a doubt the ultimate cocktail, plus I now drink Rain vodka whenever I can! I think it is the best vodka out there!

          1. Yep, these folks are real cocktail chefs: they not only do a great job with traditional shaker drinks, but have invented a whole slew of interesting new ones, with unusual liquors, bitters, fresh juices, infusions, fortified wines, and garnishes. They take cocktail craft very seriously, and are happy to hold forth on their creations.

            The No. 9 Number Ten is very refreshing.

            There's another one I tried not too long ago: its name escapes me. It's made with Maraschino liqueur (pronounced "mare-uh-SKEE-no"), normally an interesting cocktail base (as in the Aviation). This drink was clear and topped with a kind of white almond foam, garnished with a real Marasca cherry that they had pickled in brandy, I think. Interesting, but the drink was way too sweet for my taste.

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              Those cherries were actually steeped in Maraschino liqueur.

              They also featured those cherries as a garnish in their Red Hook. (a Manhattan variant)

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                I think they were calling it a Dalmatian and that it's currently on their seasonal cocktail list. I didn't like it much either, and I do like sweet drinks. The foamy apple cider-based cocktail they were offering last winter and the bergamot daiquiri (also with foam) from last summer were way worthier.