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Aug 3, 2006 07:25 PM

Good Moderate Price Seafood in PDX

Rec's for seafood choices. Heard about Pal"s Shanty on Se Sandy???

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  1. Pal's is very casual, and has been in the neighborhood (NE Sandy, actually), for many years. Thankfully, it's now a non-smoking venue as well (!).

    Pal's is not a frou-frou gourmet experience, just real down-to-earth fresh seafood. It reminds me of a place you'd find at the coast. They have some of the best chowder we've ever had -especially when they have the "primo seafood chowder" that has shrimp, crab, clams & smoked salmon or smoked trout.

    Some of our favorites are, of course, the steamer clams, the cajun halibut bites, the shrimp salad/chowder/garlic bread combo (cheap). The only fairly lowfat/low cal items on the menu (if you are looking for healthy) would be the shrimp or crab louies or salads (they have a combo shrimp/crab that is less expensive than all crab). There are some tasty sandwiches & dinner plates on the menu as well (razor clams in season are very good; calamari steak can be had on a dinner plate or in a sandwich). There are usually a few interesting specials on the board, and the desserts are good as well.

    The only issue we have with Pal's is the salad greens for the dinner salads -- they are the iceberg lettuce type salad mix - pretty anemic, but topped with the fresh seafood, you may not notice too much. Some of the larger specialty dinner salads have higher quality greens (romaine, spinach).

    We used to travel across town to Pal's before we moved to the neighborhood about 12 years ago, and have been regulars since we've been nearby.


    1. Thanks . Do you know anything about Seasons and Regions on Se Sandy???

      1. We tend to stick to downtown or eastside restaurants, so we've never been to Seasons & Regions, which is not on Sandy, but on the westside -- here's the address & website if you want to check it out:

        6660 SW Capitol Hwy
        Portland, OR 97219
        (503) 244-6400

        You may be able to find some discussions about this restaurant in previous threads.

        1. Seasons and Regions is a good, unpretentious little restaurant in the SW. Moderately priced, but more expensive than Pal's. I also recommend the Corbett Fish House, in John's Landing. It serves Midwest fish fry fare. Good, fresh and simple.

          1. I like Halibut's on Alberta much better than Corbett Fish House (or their new location, Hawthorne Fish House). They have the best fish and chips I've had in town yet and a good chowder.