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Aug 3, 2006 07:07 PM

Cheng Du on Pico

Hey Y'all,

Wanted to get your thoughts on Cheng Du on Pico in West LA. It just made the top 10 chinese joints on AOL CityGuide L.A. but those lists suck regularly and I was curious if anyone out there had any input. Just the facts y'all, what's good, how expensive and if they do delivery. Thanks hounds.

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  1. I have posted on Cheng Du numerous times, and I like it a lot for their lunch specials. Generous entrees for about $5 (about a buck more for shrimp) -- I like the mongolian beef, the shredded pork with broccoli a al Cheng Du, and the shrimp in spicy garlic sauce. Served with fried or steamed rice, an egg roll, and an extraordinary hot'n'sour soup. They also serve an array of tasty noodles in soup dishes at lunch. They do deliver (though without the soup unless paid for specially), the place is very comfortable, and service is good. There is a row of diagonal parking alongside the restaurant.

    Their dinner prices are about the same as other local Chinese restaurants, but the lunch specials are a real value. Note, however, that some of their dishes are deepfried (the lemon chicken and boneless chicken in garlic sauce) and a couple of times recently they have gone way overboard with the celery in some entrees.