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Aug 3, 2006 07:03 PM

Convention in Reno

Will be there in late Oct for five nights. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Where are you staying?
    How much do you want to spend?
    Will you have a vehicle?

    Also, questions on Reno are generally posted on the California board.

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    1. re: jlawrence01

      Reno Hilton - changed names
      Expense account

      1. re: tmartinsbox

        All things being equal, some of the best food that I have ever had in Reno is at the various restaurants in the Eldorado Casino Hotel downtown. The buffet, the seafood buffet, and the coffee shop are generally very good.

        While they have common ownership, I must say that I have been generally disappointed with the several meals that I have had at the Silver Legacy which is adjacent to the Eldorado.

        If you are willing to drive 40-50 miles, the Carson Valley Inn in Gardnerville, NV has wine sampling dinners on a monthly basis. It would be worth checking out should one be available during your stay.

        1. re: jlawrence01

          LaStrada at the El Dorado is a great Italian restaurant. The coffee shop there is always reliable. But it's coffee shop food.

    2. The Peppermill has a really excellent Friday night seafood buffet.

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      1. re: melly

        Will be there from Sunday to Friday

      2. Places that have excellent reputations are LuLou's and Fourth Street Bistro. Reservations are probably good ideas. More French and continental cuisine there, I believe. I still haven't eaten at either place.
        There's been some discussion on the board about Ciao Reno, a new Italian place with a nice wine selection. I like it.
        I tried the Blue Trout once too and enjoyed it. It's more French with fish/seafood options.
        Two Luciano's, both very good for Italian food.
        I also like The Grill at Quail Crossing, which is on McCarran Boulevard near Lakeside Drive.
        As far as ethnic food, tons of good Mexican restaurants. Murrietta's at Neil and Peckham is probably the closest to the Reno Hilton. there's one on Terminal Way about five blocks south but I can't remember it's name. Beto's on Fifth or Sixth Street in Reno is legendary. Cash only and cheap.
        Reno has more good Thai restaurants than Chinese restaurants. The only Thai restaurant in town I wouldn't recommend is Siamese Hut at Mill and Kietzke, which would be the closest to the HIlton. My favorite Thai is probably Bangkok Cuisine on Mount Rose Street near South Virginia Street.
        Pho 777 is a nice cash-ony Vietnamese place (nice food, I should say, but well worn) on East Second Street near Lake Street in downtown Reno.
        If you have a taste for something specific, tell me and I can make a recommendation.

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        1. re: SteveTimko

          Any place for a great piece of beef?

          1. re: tmartinsbox

            The best steakhouses are usually in the casinos, like the Nugget or the Peppermill. Washoe Grill on West Fourth Street has steaks too, but I've heard reports from people who've eaten there recently that the food has gone downhill. I haven't been there in a few years.
            This sounds terribly unChowhound, but if I want a steak outside a casino, I go to a chain called the Claim Jumper. it's on South Virginia at Kietzke Lane.

            1. re: SteveTimko

              We had a fabulous meal at the steakhouse at John Asquagas (sp) Nuggett...perfectly cooked ribeyes. Yum.

          2. re: SteveTimko

            I went to 4th Street Bistro tonight--had the Maine scallops risotto and the chocolate ganache. The scallops & risotto were flavorful, however, the whole dish was very salty. The chocolate ganache was wonderful. Am not sure if I'd go back--I was surprised at how salty the scallops dish was for a fine dining restaurant. My bill came to $44 without tip. (I had water).

            1. re: kathrynsummer

              Sometimes Provencal style food is salty. This wasn't Provencal style, was it?

          3. I've eaten at Washoe Grill recently (Father's Day) and I found the food just fine....I've always liked their steaks, prices are reasonable for the ambience and quality, and they make a great bread pudding. What's not to like? Its on Fourth street west of downtown; no where near the Hilton (Now Grand Sierra Resort...).

            I agree with the rest of Steve's recommendations, but like him I haven't eaten at Loulou's and wasn't impressed with Fourth Street Grill the one time I ate there. Maybe it was an off night. I also really like Bangkok Cuisine. The last time we ate there hubby thought it was *almost* as good as Lotus of Siam. I think he exaggerates just a little.

            btw, ate last night at the new chinese restaurant in the building that was Mi Casa Too and before that Marie Callendar's. (I forget the name, but it has the word "orchid" in it. All I can think of is "Wild Orchid", but that's a girlie bar.) They did a nice job remodeling...feels airy and upscale. Its only been open a few weeks. Great service, and the chowmein was decent. Their chicken salad lacked only a little cilantro and some candied ginger to rival the Chinese Chicken Salad of my dreams, that of the late, lamented China Station in Berkeley. We ended up there when we wanted to eat somewhere near the Atlantis Show 'n Shine and didn't want to brave Hot August Nights crowds and/or chains. We both agreed we would go back when we were more hungry to try other dishes......

            Also, the paper had a blurb recently about a new restaurant opening featuring a popular chef who used to work at Plumpjack in Squaw Valley. I'm betting that either Steve or Reverend Andy will be able to chime in with more...and I keep hearing good things about the Stonehouse since they are under new management...haven't been there yet but its on the list.....My hairdressers husband is a waiter there, and she says they make a mean lamb curry ( a dish that will always tempt me, even if I know it isn't authentic....)

            1. Steve and Janetof Reno are much more well versed on restaurants in Reno. I'm more familiar with Tahoe, but here's what I've got.
              My favorite is Ciao Pizzeria and Winery. The closest you'll get to a San Francisco quality restaurant in Reno, imo.
              I also like Beaujolais Bistro for solid french bistro cuisine.
              I recommend the Grill at Quail Crossing, Duck House for hole in the wall Chinese(I love the roast duck and their szechwan green beans), and Golden Flower for Vietnamese.