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Aug 3, 2006 06:53 PM

Quaint in Sunnyside

Hi all,

I had visited Quaint one evening...I think the week they opened. My experience wasn't all that good and I voiced my opinion on this board.

Last night, I was in no mood to cook in this heat so
we figured we'd take a walk over to Quaint to try it out again.

I must say, our experience was a great deal better this time. The food was yummy, the service was nice and the owner kinda talked to us. I think I've figure him out, he seems a bit shy, not at all snotty as I first thought.

The BBQ chicken breast was really nice. Juicy and tasty.

My husband tried the hanger steak again. He practically licked the plate!

The banana bread sundae was to die for. Loved it.

Anyway, I'm glad I gave it another try.

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  1. Agree about the hangar steak. Coffee sauce?! Intrigued me and then - wow. Tender, beefy, and nicely presented.

    Banana bread sundae - again, just spectacular. I don't know if they flambeed it for the foster sauce, but it sure tasted like it, lovely carmelized sugars and the gelato was a good choice, not overly butterfatted, and the mild vanilla flavors didn't conflict with the rest of the sundae. I'm not an ice-cream sundae guy, but this was a solid ground rule double, if not a home run for me.

    1. Went to Quaint recently again and have to say I am a fan of the mac and cheese as well as the cod and mussels appetizer that I've tried there. But I was sad to learn that they've taken their burger off the menu. While the food is solid the three or four times I've been there, I also have to note that they have a nice wine selection - some choices are quite usual.

      My friend gives raves to their pork chop entree as well. Definitely will try the hanger steak upon next visit.

      1. I asked the owner why he took the burger off the menu - he said it was seasonal and it would be back by fall. Apparently no one was ordering it (probably b/c it wasn't a standout - just ok).

        I really like Quaint, but I want the menu to offer more "every day" type options: spinach salad, cobb type salad, burger, veggie burger, ground tuna burger, etc.
        Sometimes we pass on going b/c the menu is so tiny and some of the flavors are so specific we don't feel like repeating them every week.

        With regards to the wines, I really hope they change their wines by the glass. I have tried most and find them to be just okay. Also, they seem to have lost their bartender and the waitstaff has been manning the bar. Though nice, they aren't very knowledgable.

        I'm still really pulling for this place, but I'm hoping they'll step it up a bit for fall!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. i still want to try the brunch while the weather is nice...anyone tried it?

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            1. re: ceeceee

              I went 2 weekends ago.
              It was okay. Nothing amazing, but not bad, either.

              I did have one weird issue:
              Their brunch entrees all come with a biscuit. Not being a fan, I asked for toast and was told that they didn't have any. I pressed and asked what they use for their BLT's. Even though they use toast/white bread for those, they were unwilling to give me toast with my eggs. If I hadn't already been to this restaurant many many times before, it probably would have been enough to make me not want to go back.

              I definitely prefer dinner to brunch. I think dinner's a bit of a better deal, as well.

              1. re: tracyk

                No side orders of toast - sounds like the famous diner scene in "Five Easy Pieces"!