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Quiet Thai dinner in Hollywood?

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We're meeting my brother & family, whom we don't see often, and would like to have some comfort and relative quiet to catch up on conversation - of course, along with some good Thai food! We're aiming for Thai town because we each have to travel a bit to get together and that's sort of midway.

Oh, and if they serve beer that's a plus.


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  1. Hmm. It's been a while, but Jitlada on Sunset has always been quiet and low-key; no bright flourescent lighting, and the food is first rate.

    Another place that's quiet and friendly, with good food (try the Thai stick appetizer), is Sompun, which is a bit east of Thai Town proper, on Santa Monica Blvd. right near where it ends at Sunset. Sorry I don't have the address of either place. Jitlada is on the North side of Sunset, east of Western, but West of Normandie.

    1. Yeah, the beer part makes it a bit harder. Kruang Tedd is fine if you go earlier, before the karaoke. Is Jitlada still open? They had some sanitation problems earlier in the year. Sompun indeed has a nice patio, although the food is nothing special. You could also consider Pattaya on Vermont. The food is solid, if not incredibly authentic, they have beer, and I recall it being quiet. There's also a parking lot!

      1. How about SANAMLUANG on Hollywood Bl?

        1. I think the quiet part comes in at what time of day you go. I like Ruen Pair but I am not sure if they reopened after a renovation. Went to Sanamluang about a month ago... it was above average but not as good as ruen pair. they also don't serve papaya salad after 6 pm, which was a BIG disapppointment. I think Yai is the defualt, but I;ve never been there. Maybe this can help guide you:


          1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think it's going to be Sanamluang. We've been there before and loved their food - the friend who first recommended it said about their duck salad "always get two orders - one for you and one for the table."

            If we change our minds and try one of the others, I'll report - it'll be late next week.

            1. If you're looking for a nicer atmosphere, you might try Red Corner Asia. They don't have beer either, but it's fairly quiet and very clean and comfortable, and you can bring drinks. We saw several people doing this on Valentine's Day.

              1. Nadprob Thai Cafe on Sunset is perfect for this, much better food, far quiter and beer.

                1. Jitlada is great for quiet, beer & lingering
                  Nadprob Thai
                  Rambutan Thai
                  Red Corner Asia is very comfortable, clean and they let you linger
                  Sanamaluang is great, but in my experience they don't let you linger much once you finish the meal