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Aug 3, 2006 06:48 PM

Quiet Thai dinner in Hollywood?

We're meeting my brother & family, whom we don't see often, and would like to have some comfort and relative quiet to catch up on conversation - of course, along with some good Thai food! We're aiming for Thai town because we each have to travel a bit to get together and that's sort of midway.

Oh, and if they serve beer that's a plus.


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  1. Hmm. It's been a while, but Jitlada on Sunset has always been quiet and low-key; no bright flourescent lighting, and the food is first rate.

    Another place that's quiet and friendly, with good food (try the Thai stick appetizer), is Sompun, which is a bit east of Thai Town proper, on Santa Monica Blvd. right near where it ends at Sunset. Sorry I don't have the address of either place. Jitlada is on the North side of Sunset, east of Western, but West of Normandie.

    1. Yeah, the beer part makes it a bit harder. Kruang Tedd is fine if you go earlier, before the karaoke. Is Jitlada still open? They had some sanitation problems earlier in the year. Sompun indeed has a nice patio, although the food is nothing special. You could also consider Pattaya on Vermont. The food is solid, if not incredibly authentic, they have beer, and I recall it being quiet. There's also a parking lot!

      1. How about SANAMLUANG on Hollywood Bl?

        1. I think the quiet part comes in at what time of day you go. I like Ruen Pair but I am not sure if they reopened after a renovation. Went to Sanamluang about a month ago... it was above average but not as good as ruen pair. they also don't serve papaya salad after 6 pm, which was a BIG disapppointment. I think Yai is the defualt, but I;ve never been there. Maybe this can help guide you:

          1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think it's going to be Sanamluang. We've been there before and loved their food - the friend who first recommended it said about their duck salad "always get two orders - one for you and one for the table."

            If we change our minds and try one of the others, I'll report - it'll be late next week.