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Aug 3, 2006 06:38 PM

Chinatown Brasserie -- Pricey, but good

Had a surprisingly good meal at Chinatown Brasserie last night. I was expecting that the menu would be higher-end, but other than the whole fish it was largelye a standard Chinese menue -- General Tso's chicken, crispy skin chicken, etc. But it was very good.

My friend was starving, so he ordered a bunch of dumplings, all of which were good. I wanted the whole fish, but he wasn't interested and I figured this was a sharing place. So we had the crispy orange beef and kung pao chicken. They must be using better cuts of meat, more carful prep of the seaonings, veggies etc. Because while it LOOKED like, say, a dish from Grand Sichuan, it tasted much much better. But it was NOT cheap. $18 for the "three chili chicken"

I'm not rushing back there, but if I knew someone who wanted to go, I'd certainly join them. And if you need a certain kind of splashy room with good food, this wouldn't be a bad choice.

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  1. Xavier,
    Thanks for the post! It is on my list to try. Along with Buddaken (SP?). I know they are expensive, but I like the higher end Chinese a bit more and will pay for it for a once or twice a year indulgence.

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    1. re: yumpetal

      While I like both places, I wouldn't lump the two together. Buddakhan is a lot more "special". Most asian restaurants don't have Taro Lollipops! :-)

    2. amazing dim sum and the frozen mai tais are killer.