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Unexpectedly Pleasant Dinner at Le Petit Restaurant in Sherman Oaks

Craving Mexican, Mom and I dropped into Casa Vega at 7pm last night and were informed of a 30 minute wait. Too hungry to wait, we walked over to Le Petit Restaurant across the street and down the block, next to the Greek place.

What a surprise! We were welcomed in by the gracious staff with no wait and led to a lovely booth.

Mom and I split a mixed greens salad with baked goat cheese, just perfect. Honestly, I could have done without the candied pear, but the melty goat cheese made up for it. We also split the scallops with mashed potatoes and wilted spinach - delicious and perfectly prepared, plenty to share.

Was it earth shattering? No. But the staff couldn't have been nicer and down to earth. Loved the Parisian bistro setting and Mom LOVED the Charles Aznavour they were playing. And the dishes hit the spot for a lazy Wednesday night.

Oh, and I guess it's now owned by someone of Moroccan decent, so in addition to butter, there were these lovely little spreads served with the crusty bread.

As a native Valley Girl, I can't believe I've never been! So nice to be able to add to the list.


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  1. My kids eat their quite often. SIL is English and he loves the place!

    1. mmm-
      we really like Le Petit-
      delish lamb chops

      I thought it used to be the same owner as Le Petit Bistro on La Cienega.

      and we originally discovered it after a horrendous dinner experience at MAX across the street...

      1. What happened at Max? We love the place.

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          I had been to MAX once before when it first opened and thought it was just OK, but here is the story

          went to Max on a friday night 7 or 7:30 pm for Sister bday about 1 year after it opened (3 years ago maybe)

          crammed 5 of us into a booth for 4, noisy

          slow service, ordered from the not so big menu.

          10 min later, server came out and said that they ran out of one of our entree orders. picked another entree. 10 minutes later, came back and told us they were out of THAT entree too- which 2 others of us had ordered. Not really into any of the other entrees...talked to the host, decided to leave, GAVE US A BILL for the one glass of wine we had ordered and received so far!!!!!
          wanted to throw the wine at the host (but didn't)
          went across the street, had phenomenal mussels and lamb chops, and would never go back to MAX again

          1. re: msmd310

            And I can guess who the "host" was, meaning the other and now former co-owner. Andre would not put up with any of that nonsense, yet Michael could not care who he offended, and you were obviously one of but many that he offended. That was much of the basis for the divorce in the ownership, which took place several months ago.

        2. Suebee, welcome to the 'hood.
          Le Petit Restaurant used to be Le Petit Bistro, and when sold, they just changed the one word.
          However, the place has looked the same for around 6-7 years, while before that it was Jean's Blue Room which was truly depressing.
          They do nice lamb chops, mussels, french fries, merguez sausages, and similar things, much like their predecessors, who btw were also Moroccan. The menu virtually did not change when the ownership did, meaning around 1-1.5 years ago

          And to msm310, if you had problems at Max, go directly to Andre Guerrero and tell him the problem. You will be glad you made the effort. To me, it and the Boneyard Bistro have the most tasty and interesting upper-end food in the valley.

            1. re: David Kahn

              The frites are addicting, yet don't think I have ever had the poulet, as I generally get the lamb chops or the moules frites.

            2. Color me surprised as well. Went to Petit last night and had a great meal! The room was about half empty at 8:30pm so service could have been a little more attentive (we constantly had empty glasses), however it was a very casual paced meal, so it was nice to just relax and not feel rushed by the waitstaff. Its such a warm, inviting environment, the music in the background was a good pairing for this "parisian" vibe.

              The bread basket was a nice little touch although I really wish I knew what was on the spice/condiment platter, I tried each and one and was still wondering.

              My friend got the onion soup gratinee, it was quite cheesy except she mentioned the soup itself was a little thin, guess she prefers a much thicker soup, but she still woofed it down and enjoyed it. I started off with the mixed greens and baked goat cheese salad, I love anything with goat cheese so my plate was clean after 7 minutes. Goat cheese baked in a bread batter, oooh so yummy.

              For our entrees, my homie got the filet mignon I believe, with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh squash on the side. That was a pretty generous portion, very thick cut and I tried the mashed potatoes, which was so fluffly and light. The filet was soft and tender, she cleaned off her whole plate!

              I stuck with the grilled entrecote (rib eye steak) with the pommes frittes. Damn those are some good fries, with the perfect amount of salt on them, there's really no need for adding any ketchup on it, so tasty on it's own. Enjoyed the steak, cooked medium, however the portion just a wee bit too much for me, so I couldnt finish, but it really was delicious.

              You'd think at this point we'd be full, but satisifed by the prices we went ahead and shared the Pot De Chocolate, which is a baked chocolate mousse served chilled. They added some type of rasberry glaze and whipped cream over it, which I didnt care much for but once I got to the mousse, I was in heaven. Not too rich, and another generous portion, I was worried this might up just being a glorified pudding cup, but it was thick and substantinal, so much that between the two of us we still couldnt finish it!

              Next time (and there will be a next time), I think I'll just stick with the soft drink, I wasnt too impressed with my mixed drink and well since it seems to take forever to get water refilled, I wont feel as guilty getting a second or third on a sode. With 1 soda, 1 martini, two appetizers, two entrees and 1 dessert, total came to about $98.00 (that includes tip).

              I took photos and maybe when Im done being lazy I will post them on flickr page :)

              Sorry couldnt justify more than 15% on the tip because although the service was friendly, it would have been nice to have had some refills on that darn water!

              1. We live up the street from Le Petit Restaurant and I had not been in at least four years. The first time I went, I thought it was good, but not great (same with La Frite, maybe I'm expecting too much to be blown away by bistro food).

                We dropped in to Le Petit Restaurant for an early dinner tonight and enjoyed it. The service was great, but we were early and one of the only three parties there. We split a baked brie in pastry with a champagne sauce(on specials menu)- very tasty. My husband had Calves Liver, that was good but a bit dry. I had the grilled entrecote, that was a bit over-cooked for medium rare. The frites were good, especially when they were soaked with the sauce that came with the steak. I had a special dessert, a latte gelato which was ok and my husband had the hazelnut and pecan bourbon tart, which was disappointing and tasted plain bad to me and him.

                Overall, we had a good meal, but nothing mind blowing. With an iced tea and lemonade, the total with tax and tip was $81.