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Aug 3, 2006 05:42 PM

S. Anderson Champagne

We were served this at a friends champagne brunch. It was very good. Anyone else familiar with it?

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  1. S. Anderson is a sparkling wine producer in the Napa Valley.

    1. I found that out from the label...but thanks. Have you tried it? Sparkling wine..not champagne. Only champagne if it comes from that region of France. Am I right? I am learning!

      1. S. Anderson also produced some good cabernet from the Stag's Leap district.

        A few years ago, they were bought out and re-named Clif Lede Vineyards. Just like the old owners, they still produce an array of sparkling and still wines.

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          Yes...we bought the cabernet when we saw S. Anderson on it. We loved it with Leg of Lamb.

        2. As was pointed out, S. Anderson was purchased by Cliff Lede who is from Canada. If you are ever in Napa, it's a "don't miss" tasting room, new, beautiful and with a number of outstanding wines. All still wines are now under the Cliff Lede label while the sparkling is still S. Anderson.

          S. Anderson sparkling is still being produced but I'm afraid is destined to be gone in a few more years as it will be discontinued. BUT, the good news is that it's still available and it's a very good sparkling wine at a good price.

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            Thank you for the info...and for the validation!