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Aug 3, 2006 05:39 PM

CHUNG KING ... brief report

Ventured out with some friends to CHUNG KING at their their new location in San Gabriel.

Really was looking for some fiery, spicy dishes but left sort of disappointed.

Cold plate of pickled pigs ear, salted cod, liver, tendons was a good appetizer and went down well with the Tsingtao beer we had.

Diced beef with crispy rice had a nice texture (sort of like that popular banquet dish "ants up a tree"); it was crunchy and salty and a bit pungent. Not very spicy though.

Fried chicken w/peppers was disappointing, and way too salty.

Boiled fish was probably the spiciest dish of all and quite good.

Ma poa tofu was a downer, looked all nice with the red chili oil and scallions, but tasted bland and had an off-putting sweet aftertaste to it.


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    1.! I was just in Chongqing and have been craving the spice ever since I left. I was thinking about heading there this weekend, but may back off now.

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      1. re: zruilong

        it is no where near the spiciness of chongqing food. when i was there i barely tasted any "ma" (numbing) flavor.
        its definitely dumbed down but even the sichuan food in beijing is really dumbed down. but to be perfectly honest, i can barely take the authentic stuff without suffering big time the next morning...

      2. I was disappointed too with Chung King in San Gabriel. I really miss the Crown Cafe that was at the location. Has it opened elsewhere? Best diced chicken and peppers I have ever had.

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        1. re: brwencino

          And their bitter melon with black bean and sliced red chili? Oof. Changed my mind forever about the merits of that particular vegetable.