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Aug 3, 2006 05:39 PM

Toronto Brunch on a Monday?

Hi all,

I've been browsing the boards to prepare for my trip to Toronto this weekend. Have a kind of silly question- I just noticed that I scheduled brunch for Monday on my itinerary... was wondering if there are places that do serve brunch on weekdays. Thanks for your help!

PS- In case you're curious, I've made plans to have dinner at Chiado, dim sum at Lai Wah Heen and will be going to St. Lawrence Market for some peameal sandwiches. =)

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  1. Monday is a holiday here, so there's a good chance that a lot of them will be serving brunch on Monday.
    some suggestions - Eggstasy - 1255 Bay Street, Cora's - 277 Wellington Street West, Bonjour Brioche - 812 Queen Street E, By the Way Cafe - 400 Bloor Street West, Grapefruit Moon - 968 Bathurst Street and (my fave, but it's veggie) Pulp Kitchen - 898 Queen Street E.

    1. thank you, will be googling those shortly.

      1. The St. Lawrence market is closed on Monday...You may want to try out Kensignton Market instead (if you wanted to visit a marketplace)...

        1. i was actually planning to go to st. lawrence on tuesday, but thanks for the suggestion. =)

          maybe someone can answer this for me- how come so many places are closed on mondays?

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            I think it's like a Sunday to those in the food business - same as for hairdressers.

          2. icic, thank you. it was just a tad frustrating because there seemed so many good places to try, but the ones i really wanted weren't open- susur is closed until september and perigee is closed on sundays and mondays, which are my only free nights.

            i'm going to try cora's on dixie road for brunch- it's near this air combat thing my bf wants to do- thanks for the suggestion!

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            1. re: reiya

              you're welcome - I think the best items at cora's are the pancakes, crepes and the like - it's not the place to go light :)