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Toronto Brunch on a Monday?

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Hi all,

I've been browsing the boards to prepare for my trip to Toronto this weekend. Have a kind of silly question- I just noticed that I scheduled brunch for Monday on my itinerary... was wondering if there are places that do serve brunch on weekdays. Thanks for your help!

PS- In case you're curious, I've made plans to have dinner at Chiado, dim sum at Lai Wah Heen and will be going to St. Lawrence Market for some peameal sandwiches. =)

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  1. Monday is a holiday here, so there's a good chance that a lot of them will be serving brunch on Monday.
    some suggestions - Eggstasy - 1255 Bay Street, Cora's - 277 Wellington Street West, Bonjour Brioche - 812 Queen Street E, By the Way Cafe - 400 Bloor Street West, Grapefruit Moon - 968 Bathurst Street and (my fave, but it's veggie) Pulp Kitchen - 898 Queen Street E.

    1. thank you, will be googling those shortly.

      1. The St. Lawrence market is closed on Monday...You may want to try out Kensignton Market instead (if you wanted to visit a marketplace)... www.mishsplayground.com

        1. i was actually planning to go to st. lawrence on tuesday, but thanks for the suggestion. =)

          maybe someone can answer this for me- how come so many places are closed on mondays?

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            I think it's like a Sunday to those in the food business - same as for hairdressers.

          2. icic, thank you. it was just a tad frustrating because there seemed so many good places to try, but the ones i really wanted weren't open- susur is closed until september and perigee is closed on sundays and mondays, which are my only free nights.

            i'm going to try cora's on dixie road for brunch- it's near this air combat thing my bf wants to do- thanks for the suggestion!

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              you're welcome - I think the best items at cora's are the pancakes, crepes and the like - it's not the place to go light :)

            2. I followed that same itinerary last week! Except, I ended up back at the Carousel Bakery for Peameal Bacon sandwichs 3 times. Everything about Chiado was wonderful.

              1. i can't wait to start eating, er, i mean, sightseeing, in toronto! i've switched some things around so that i can still do sunday brunch at xacutti and have dim sum on monday morning. i love crepes so i'm sure i'll love cora's. maybe i can smuggle some peameal sandwiches out to eat on the airplane. =) thanks for your help, everyone.

                1. Have a great time - I just thought I'd add, since you say you love crepes, that I just read a great review about a new place called Le Creperie in the Distillery District - which is a cool area to walk around in as well - it's at 55 Mill Street.

                  1. Avoid everything but the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville- the food is fantastic and you will not be disappointed. Toronto is a horrible city for brunch - we just can't get it right. Four Seasons will guarantee fresh, tasty food.

                    1. ps.. Xacutti is TERRIBLE.. so pretneious and never good food - you will be wasting your money. Why can't people just be honest on here???

                      1. Derek I understand your opinion (Xacutti is a little hoity-toity about itself) but what do you mean by "Why can't people just be honest on here???" This is a discussion board for people to share opinions about food so there's really no motivation to be 'dishonest' about what they're posting unless they're actually a competing establishment (but it's taken on good faith that we're not). If you're saying it's dishonest to disagree with your opinion that seems a little disingenuous.

                        In any case, I've tried Xacutti a few times and the surroudings are nice with the menu not really Indian at all but is quite good. Their brunch menu is a little larger than most places with a lot of interesting choices.
                        You can check out the menu here: http://www.xacutti.com/site/xacutti.html

                        If you're able to head to the West end at Queen and Shaw there's a fantastic little place called Sugar Cafe that's only open on Weekends for brunch and some days in the week for dinner. They have a great cosy but modern kind of dining room with some very good eggs benedict, a huge fruit oatmeal, and other brunch staples done right.
                        Map here: http://tinyurl.com/kqfo8

                        With respect to Lai Wah Heen it is very good, probably best in the city. However I still frequently go to Dynasty at Bloor and Avenue (west of Yonge). Much of their dim sum and service is just as good but costs slightly less and the dining room overlooks much of Bloor street. Might be more convenient for shopping and has more atmosphere than the Lai Wah Heen which is a little stuffy when it's not for dinner.

                        1. Hi.. my comments are 'why can't people just be honest on here' stem from many people trying to 'beat around the bush' in their feedback/comments. I simply would like people to tell it like it is. I had dinner at Xacutti and it was truly awful. The food was presented very nicely, but lacked flavour. My main course was steak and it was over done and rather fatty - very surpising considering it was Filet Mignon. I wanted to return it but was with a friend who does not approve of that so I would just not return. There were other things about Xacutti that bothered me and you hit the nail on the head when you said 'hoity-toity' - if the food was great, and the service less pretentious, I would have had no problem going back. I'm a food guy - I love good food, and will pay any price for a decent meal. I am thoroughly disappointed with Toronto's restaurants and could go on and on on this site - I really wish more people knew about it! For example, I ate at La Maquette on King / Church with friends last week - the service was fantastic, but the food, terrible. Basket of bread was not fresh, butter rock hard, caesar salad disgusting(the dressing was like mayo and warm), the lettuce not fresh, one of the waiter's had too much cologne on (annoying and unacceptable in my books) and the mains were nothing but standard fare for big $$$.. I left, well, disappointed. Tonight we ate out at Paul's Spagehtti on Cosburn. Brucetta was excellent. Warm from the oven bread with soft unsalted butter. Attentive but not bothersome service and perfect and tasty pasta. All for under 50 bucks with a beer. The vanilla cake is the best cake in the city. Made on the premises and very fresh and delicious. I will write them up so others can see for themselves how good it is. Oh ya, and the free salad is fresh and crisp too.. good balsamic dressing. Nothing fancy, just a satisfying good meal. I hope that this helps to explain my earlier comments.

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                            Thanks for explaining what you meant - that totally makes sense. Sometimes when something sucks you should just say "it sucks". One thing I have a problem with is that service seems so random in a lot of restaurants in Toronto - they veer from excellent to absurd so I hesistate to brand a restaurant as 'horrible' if I had 2 good experiences and one ridiculously bad one. (This happened at Le Select - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...


                            I may have been too light on Xacutti - I still think it's a nice enough place to go but there certainly is better food at better prices in the city. Yet I find it's enjoyable enough a place to go mainly because my experiences with service were good.

                            I don't know why but Toronto has such uneven service standards for restaurants. Even though I have a chowfriend that like to go to the better (but not the top $$$) in Toronto I'm still pleasantly surprised to get my drink order quickly and have my water refilled without my asking. Bleh.

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                              Derek- is Pauls that little humble looking place? Haha I just noticed that this is an old post, but still, do you have any idea what you might have had?

                            2. Heading to Xacutti for dinner tomorrow night and thought I would 'google' some old posts to see what people think about the space. Interesting that 'Derek' thinks Indian fusion food...spiced with Indian herbs, spices, etc can be bland and flavourless! This I have got to experience. Also, overcooked tenderloin by a top chef in the city...not so sure. And the tenderloin being fatty! Umm, last time I checked that would be a suberb thing! Meaning the cut of beef is of superior quality with good amounts of marbling / fat.

                              Anyways, I will have to see the real deal for myself. Very excited! Heard great things about the place and the bar upstairs. Oh and finally Derek, butter is served 'hard' or cold in real French restaurants! If you'd like soft warm butter thats been sitting on the counter, ask them to microwave it for you:)