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Aug 3, 2006 05:36 PM

PA Hound in San Diego on a budget

Staying just N of the Gaslamp Quarter and will be attending events at the convention center, which I believe is just S of there.

I was there many years ago and ate at a very small (or at least very narrow) Mexican place that was quite affordable and tasty. I recall sitting at a bar and pretty much watching them prepare my food. Ring a bell for anyone? I believe this was pretty close to the convention center.

In addition to that I'm looking for some affordable chow in what I suspect is a high priced area. I'm lucky to be going to this convention, so I'd like to be respectful when submitting that expense report when it comes to the food category.

I'll try just about anything really. Perhaps a Brewery? Or perhaps something ethnic like Thai or Vietnamese place.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Well, I don;'t know about ethnic, but Ciero's pizza has damn good NY style thin crust on the corner of market and 6th in the heart of gaslamp. great pizza at good prices.

      1. During Comic Con, I spotted a hot dog place on F St., between 4th and 5th on the north side of F, that sells hot dogs from a manufacturer in New York State that uses a recipe dating back to the late 1800s. Unfortunately, I got there before they opened, so didn't get a chance to try one, but I passed it on my way back to the car and they smelled great.

        1. Yup, the ESRI conference. It's a huge deal - I've heard as many as 15K. Was there 5 or 6 years ago, the put on a nice and informative event.

          Hot Dogs and Pizza - those are right up my ally, and certainly fit into my low budget needs. Thanks guys.

          I'll be online periodically through the weekend and next week, so any more ideas are welcome, and I'll post some chow updates as well.

          Any other GIS chowhounds out there?

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            If you like hot dogs, then I have a warning for you - there's a place in the Horton Plaza food court, next to Hot Dog on a Stick, that sells grilled hot dogs. They are terrible. Do not waste your money.

            1. re: Ace_Mclean

              Ace, I will be there love to meet you at The Tin Fish for lunch or dinner, moderatly priced and great fish tacos. They are in the gaslamp area between your hotel and the Convention Center message me at the OBX board so we can do a hook up MikeW

              1. re: Ace_Mclean

                You'll like Ciro's. They have a lunch deal, soda and two slices for $6 - one of the best bargains downtown.

              2. Red Pearl Kitchen on J between 4th & 5th has tasty Asian fusion food. Moderately priced food. Expensive cocktails.

                I enjoy the Chicken/Ginger potsickers, Shrimp beggar purses, Shaking Kobe beef, Garlic cashew chicken & Chinese sausage noodle dish.

                Tasty asian food in Gaslamp. Its a trendy place, but friendly and all kinds of people inside on the 2 times I ate there.