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Fat Belgian - Anybody been?

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Is this place any good?

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  1. Stopped and took a look at their menu and checked out the plates people had on the patio.. while nothing seemed bad there was nothing that made me say WOW I have to try this place...

    1. Nope. Got dragged there recently. Decent Belgian beer. Friendly (and keen) service. Below average food. Far below average preparation time. Unbelievably bad music.

      They will not last long - huge space (upstairs, main floor and patio). Went when it was empty - only people there were on the patio, and the kitchen couldn't keep up. Mussels were passable, at best. Frites were a bit better than the mussels.


      1. I have been to the Fat Belgain a couple of times. The food was decent when they just started last summer. However, it has been going downhill ever since...

        Don't know when they started the half price mussels on Thursdays with live music. The music was good but the mussels were full price each Thursday we went ...

        This is how is was the LAST Thursday/time I was there a few days ago:
        1. The mussels were full price as always although it says half price on the website;
        2. The duck confit at the fat Belgian is too too too salty even for a Chinaman; and
        3. The sweet potato fries are overly fried as well.

        Therefore, I do not recommend this place.

        1. Went once. Moule frites were average (I guess I was expecting more considering it's a belgian resto.). Nice selection of beers. Overall it was just "Okay". Given the plethora of far better restos in Toronto, I probably won't be back anytime soon