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Aug 3, 2006 05:13 PM

Good Food in Kent, Fed Way, Tacoma area [SEA]

Will be traversing down south of seattle to do some shopping with my folks (don't ask) and hoping to find some good places for lunch and snacks. I can't imagine there isn't decent Indian food around Kent given the population, but have yet to find any. Recs for interesting (or at least edible) eats (Korean, Chinese, Thai, Mexican etc) appreciated!

BTW, does anyone know anything about Little Swan in Kent - a post about a year back mentioned that is part of a chain out of China? Does it exist - has anyone been?


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  1. Try Shenanigans in Tacoma. NOt to be confused with chain restaurants of the same name. Very comfortable, great water views (including outdoor patio), interesting and slightly upscale food, ranging from great crabcakes and French onion soup (served in an onion) to rack of lamb etc.

    1. BTE, The new Indochine in downtown Tacoma is worth seeking out. (It's across from the museums on Pacific Avenue.) Diverse Thai and fusion served with flair. (Their tuna offering is a signature dish not to be missed.) They have an original location at 314th in Federal Way, but the Tacoma restaurant is more upscale with a more diverse menu. You will need reservations. For Korean, Kokiri (32703 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way) is the best I've found in the South Sound.