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Aug 3, 2006 05:11 PM

Abundant Bistro St. Paul -- CLOSED

In case you missed the tiny blurb in the Pioneer Press. Too bad.

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  1. Oh, that is a shame. :( That same blurb also mentioned that Peking Garden will be eventually relocating to Midway Center in St. Paul. Link in the One Dish Wonder thread.


    1. Well, ain't that just a kick in the teeth.
      Sorry to hear that -I'll really miss them. Probably should have gone more often.


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      1. re: ajs

        I feel the same way -- like this is a little bit my fault. :(

        1. re: mcgeary

          Me too. And I wonder if it's the same for Bui. And now I worry about Fugaise, which I've never even tried, not being busy enough. How can we make sure the good places stick around?


      2. Today I stopped by Saigon for a sandwich. Before I went in, I stopped by Abundant and got some good news.

        There's a note from Jackie on the door saying that they're closed, but will be re-opening on August 28th in the new Library across the street.

        Long ago I recall her mentioning that they would be moving due to redevelopment. She also said that she runs a cafeteria in an office building in Bloomington - that is where she does the cooking for large catering jobs.

        This doesn't quite jive with her quote to the Pioneer Press about business being too slow, but it could be reason for hope.

        So maybe everyone here will have an opportunity to visit more often. ;-)

        1. Thank you, Danny. What a giant relief! Now, I'll stop flogging myself. In fact, I think this might be an occasion for a Twin Cities chowdown. I'll put my e-mail address in my profile--anyone interested in attending a chowdown, drop me an e-mail. Once I get enough feedback from enough of you (and consult the rules on how to announce a chowdown), I'll let you all know. Be patient, I don't check my e-mail constantly.


          1. Well, I'll be dee-lited if this turns out to be a True Story. Thank you, Danny!