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Aug 3, 2006 05:09 PM

MINX - anyone been yet?

Has anyone ventured out to MINX - the new resto and lounge in Glendale (where the Rusty Pelican used to be)?

I know they had a soft opening about 2-3 weeks back.

MINX Restaurant & Lounge,
300 Harvey Dr., Glendale.

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  1. not yet...I drive by it every night on my way home from work...I would be scared to go in...they are still putting up the big awning, circus-tent like top thing...I wouldn't want to be underneath there if the crane gave out!

    1. I drive past it every day on my way home from work too.........I checked out the website and the menu is Asian Fusion- some sushi here and there, some panko crusted chicken, etc. I'm sort of scared to go in too! It just looks like a cheap nightclub from the outside, although the photos on the site look nice. It's just such a terrible location. I may give it a try if another hound goes first and the report is ok?! I know- I am a wimp!

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        Well, and even worse, there is a singles group that I get e-mails from that is having a mixer there...I think you may be right on with the cheap nightclub thing

      2. here's the review from the l.a. daily. the chef has good credentials.

        1. ate at minx last night. not bad, not bad at all. the food quality is very good and the design is quite nice.

          we arrived to try to self-park. you can try to self-park only over at in-n-out. otherwise, they'll need to take your car. i don't care for valet parking. i prefer to walk a bit after my meal.

          we walked toward some attractive doors and they were swung open by two attractive young women, all smiles and welcomes.

          looked at the lounge menu and the restaurant menu and decided on the restaurant. they've only been open for a few weeks so they're still tweaking.

          service was attentive and helpful. it's a bit loud so it was hard to hear her. wine service was nice, but the list is practically non-existent. best value plays are the bearboat pinot or the primus meritage from chile.

          we opened with a sushi roll (the kobe eel) which the table went crazy over. warm, soft, sweet and succulent with each piece topped with a slice of serrano chile. very good. we also order four robatas which were nothing special and a bit on the skimpy side.

          dinner partners had the caesar salad which they thought was excellent. proceeded to the foie gras. an nice size serving of foie, perfectly cooked and seasoned. presentation was uninspiring, but it was delicious. lobster appetizer was nice as well. the truffle steak tartare was good, but i had a hard time tasting the steak through the richness of the quail egg. i didn't think it was overly truffled. it was served with delicious potato which people kept picking off my plate.

          the jidori chicken was very tasty and nicely cooked. the halibut was also nicely cooked and came with a shrimp tamale. the halibut was cooked perfectly, not too overdone.

          desserts were excellent. chocolate banana tart (?) was complex and bursting with different flavors at each bite and the cobbler-type dessert was very refreshing. i thought the pastry (cobbler) could have been more tender.

          after 10pm the nightclub opens, which was empty at 11pm. it makes the dining room quite loud. if you're dining later, the patio might be nicer.

          we'd go back, but are concerned they will not be able to attract a fine dining customer.

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