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Aug 3, 2006 04:59 PM

Lunch for 12 around Rye/Port Chester/White Plains

I am looking to take a group out to lunch tomorrow and need something in this area. I need to find a place that will take a reservation, can accomodate a larger group and is in the moderate price range. Any ideas?

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  1. Many chowhounders on this board are not a fan of Zanaro's in City Center in WP, but I like it every now and then, and it would fit the bill here. You can ask for the "vault room", or a private area upstairs.

    I have seen larger parties at Sunset Grille on Gedney in WP use the back room for exclusive parties.

    I have had large lunches at PF Chang's at The Westchester, they pull the tables together, but it's a little loud.

    PapaRazzi on Broadway in WP has sort of a side room. Laguna on E. Post Road in WP has large tables for large parties.

    I think Water Moon on Purchase St. in Rye could put tables together for you, I have seen large groups there.

    City Limits on Central Ave. may also be able to accomodate you.

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      I second Water Moon. It has a fun atmosphere and you can't beat their chili snapper!

    2. Water Moon is not moderately priced by any means... I would try Mary Ann's in Port Chester (Mexican) or Eclisse. Another suggestions is Cosi in Rye. Yes it is a chain, but it's definitely one of the better kept stores and boast a pretty upscale clientle.

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      1. What about Mystic Cafe in PC? Do they do lunch?

        1. I guess I should have updated. . .

          We ended up at Rye Grill and Bar. I know, it's leaning towards the not so moderate price list. It has been a favorite of the company for some time and it is quite close to our office. Rather than take any chances on something new, we went to a place we knew. We had a really nice meal there and they took a reservation.

          Part of the group had gone to PapaRazzi the night before and enjoyed their meal there. I am not a particular fan of Mary Ann's (they have the room but have always found the food to be mediocre). Eclisse had been my first choice before I found out they were closed. We had a nice company dinner there in February.