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Aug 3, 2006 04:56 PM

Vancouver with a group

I will be travelling with extended family in Vancouver next week. I'm looking for some solid, fun places that will appeal to a variety of tastes and ages - salad/sandwich lunch options, sushi, dim sum, and a steak, seafood or Italian dinner. Although cost is not an issue, my family does not favor fancy/stuffy places. I know this is a broad request - thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. How large a group are you?

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    1. Earl's or Milestones. They're all over. They're very family. Very relaxed. Pleasant dining rooms someplace right between comfy and elegant with outdoor terraces that have fireplaces and heaters for cool weather. Not adventurous food but it's nicely done and very affordable with new things rotated in on a regular basis. Kids are perfectly welcome and will find things on the menu that they enjoy.

      White Spots were going upscale the last time I was up there several years ago and if you have kids they'll enjoy a Pirate Pack. My kids who are now 24 and 28 know which White Spots to go to that will still serve them a Pirate Pack (for kids under 12). White Spots specialize in burgers and there are people who love their burgers with fanatical zeal like some people love In-N-Out. But they have a full menu with the regular pasta, beef, chicken offerings. They're also in many locations so you can find a convenient one. Some have terraces and are targeting the Earl's/Milestone clientelle.

      1. Japanese places can be fun with large groups as you can get a private room / tatami room. Yoshi Sushi on Denman street has larger rooms and can accomidate larger groups.

        1. Re: Earls.......

          The Earls restaurant in Vancouver have taken out their highchairs and booster seats in the last couple weeks. I wouldn't say they are family-friendly anymore...they are reaching for a definite no-kids clientale.

          However Milestones and Whitespot are definitely family-friendly. I also love going to the Tomato on 17th and Cambie for a family-friendly large-group meal. Great food, fun, casual atmosphere.

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            Oh no! They gave up on unsweetened iced tea and now no booster seats! =(

          2. Thanks everyone for the advice. Any thoughts on dim sum restaurants? If we want to take it upscale a bit one night, what do you suggest?