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Seeking the best Chinese food in Jacksonville

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Can anyone tell us where to find good Chinese food in Jacksonville? We're especially interested in places downtown or near downtown, though we're willing to travel for a good dumpling.

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  1. If you find a good Chinese place, please post it. Jax is a dim sum desert. Sit down is 'eh' at best, and takeout is better than it used to be, but nothing special. I'll drive for dim sum, too.

    1. best bet is to eat in Orlando, specially dim sum. But Chinese take outs Hot Wok and Work-n-Roll are pretty darn good.

      There's this hidden Chinese restaurant on St Augustine road.
      off 295, exit St Augustine rd heading North, Behind McDonalds and near Publix. They've been there forever.
      Jax Oriental Market is just about a mile further North, before BofA, great place for Asian grocery needs. There are frozen dim sum food there, probably the best you can get in JAX :)

      1. PF CHANGS in St Johns Town Center is AWESOME. Its a little more upscale then your average take out spot bit IT IS WORTH IT!!

        Also the China Wok on Lem Turner rd across from Wal Mart is also GREAT!!!! THey have an open kitchen, they use live flame cooking on most of thier food, and you can taste the difference. Plus everything is cooked to order! ITs awesome!

        1. We've eaten at Jackie Lee's on Baymeadows/9A before and enjoyed it. To be honest, there aren't too many Chinese places in Jacksonville that I'd recommend. Please let us know if you find one!

          1. I would highly recommend "Silver Star" because we just went there to celebrate our engagement ^_^ I was born and came from Hong Kong moved to Jax for just about two years. I almost tried most of dim-sum places in Hong Kong. So, I can tell you if 10 is the best then Silver Star gets 8. Oh yea, because I think dim sum in Toronto and Vancouver are almost 10 - most the dim sum chef migrated there in 90's. Back to Silver Star here, they serve about 20 dim sum in their menu. We tried char siu bau (6 points - this one was not as good as we thought - not juicy enough), we tried har gow (8 point) and siu mar (not Hong Kong style but taste ok - 7 points), we also tried deep-fried wo-gok (taro ball/ dumpling-9 points), shrimp cheung fun (rice noddle roll-8.5), char siu cheung fun (6 points),mini lo-mai-gai (8.5 points - sticky rice with meat & chinese sauage -wrapped in lotus leaves), sin-joke-guen (8.5 points). If they could use fresh shrimp, cheung fun and har gow would be 10. Since we don't eat chicken feet, stripes (my boyfriend is American), I don't know if they taste good or not. I was surprised they don't have egg custard tart (i love it so much) and law-bok-go (carrot cake) because now is Lunar New Year! The dim sum their overall is GOOD - should go try it! BTW, We went to HK Bistro once, har-gow and siu mai were not as good as Silver Star or we expected (the chef came from HK too) but their pan-fried law-bok-go and deep-fried dumplings (gow-chez) were good. Their congee was good too. I would give them 7 points. If they can make dim-sum good, their chef' other dishes should be good too. Try it out

            1. I'm moving to South Georgia and have a tremendous need for ethnic cuisine, so after foraging through this forum decided on trying Jacky Lee's Bistro. Clean, almost trendy, but not authentic at all. My party of four ordered different items that are hallmark items from Sze-chuan styled cooking and salt/pepper calamari (more of a Cantonese dish actually) which were flavorful enough, but a far cry from the real thing.

              In the honest opinion of a full-blooded Taiwanese guy, born overseas, grew up in Chicago, and pretty much ate all the styles of Chinese food imaginable, skip it. If you want to know a place is the real deal, ask if they have a Chinese-only menu.

              When I get down there full time, I intend on scoping out the rest of the JAX restaurants.

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                Chans on Dunn Ave. By far the best in Jacksonville. Hot wok and the others are gross.

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                  Well, they've been closed for awhile now...but have to say that they did in fact have a chinese-only menu and they served several really good, fairly authentic dishes.

                  As for best in Jax, I think Mr. Chan on Beach Blvd might take that title. There's also Peony on Old St Augustine I believe, but I've only eaten there a couple times. It has a good reputation in Chinese circles though, and maybe is popular since it's located next to a very popular Chinese market.