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Aug 3, 2006 04:48 PM

Victoria Bitter - Australia

Does anyone now if you can get VB (Victoria Bitter) draught or other in the US?

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  1. probably only fosters mate

    1. fell in love with vb on a trip to australia ten years ago (also liked kings crown and various toohey's). looked far and wide at home with no luck. after some research, i learned that it is a division of fosters. i sent an e-mail to the brewery back in 2001 and this was the reply:

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your enquiry regarding the availability of Victoria Bitter in the United States. It currently has limited distribution through ships stores on the east and west coasts. Foster's Lager; the international flagship brand of Carlton & United Breweries and available in over 140 countries is however available throughout the United States. It is brewed under license in Canada by Molson Breweries and distributed throughout the US by Miller Brewing.

      Due to the laws of the Food & Drug Administration and US Customs it is extremely difficult to arrange personal shipments. Product requires additional labeling including the Surgeon General's Warning, in some states a license is required to receive alcohol and import tariffs are charged at a Federal & State levels which along with shipping costs makes the consignment very expensive. For these reasons we do not arrange personal deliveries and can only advise that it is a very difficult exercise.

      We regret that we are unable to assist with your enquiry but thank you nonetheless for your interest.

      Kind Regards,

      my brother married an aussie last year and they went to visit her family in perth over christmas. she brought me back a six pack of stubbies. ten years later, it is still a solid beer (no great shakes, but straightforward good with a little hoppiness). plus it carries great memories of my holiday in australia.

      1. Thanks for the info.
        Too bad on the lack of availability.
        It seems strange however that there are a "million" micro and regularly brewed foreign beers available in any big city and VB can't be had!
        The Australian airports have these six packs of assorted beers suitable for carrying on a plane, but VB is just one of many.

        1. There was a bistro in Chicago that imports Australia beer, wine and coffee though for the life of me I cannot find the name of it - if you do find it let me know?
          If you like VB try Boags and Cascade - from my experience Australians dont drink Fosters basically VB or Crown Lagers are the best from the Fosters collection. No insult intended but US mass produced beer has no character (in my opinion). Chicago had the best beer i tatsed in the country.

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            In NYC there a few aussie bars and pubs that carry VB and the ubiquitous Fosters. VB is always in cans or bottles not draft. Eight Mile Creek in Little Italy has a decent selection. They also have Coopers ales and I think Boags.

            IMO, by far the best of that bunch is Boags which is brewed in Tasmania and is excellent. Fosters is dreadful stuff and not that readily avaiable in Australia from what I remember of my time there. It is a big import beer. Most aussies I know regard it with disgust!! A last resort type of beer for aussie ex-pats in the UK or the US I think...!

            Also good is Tooheys. And I think 8 mile creek has that too...