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Aug 3, 2006 04:42 PM

seafood/steak res w/atmosphere downtown?

Will be in Chicago in early September on business. Looking for
a nice ($$$), but not ridiculously priced ($$$$) seafood & steak restaurant for 9 people. We would like to try something new and have already done Shaw's and Gibson's, etc. Staying downtown, but willing to take a short taxi ride if needed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you have not tried Catch 35 - I would recommend here - ecellent seafood with plenty of choices for those who want land based fair and a very nice atmosphere -

      159 W. Erie St.

      This is a very good chain steak/seafood restaurant with an elegant woodsy lodge setting. Prices are very reasonable when compared to the other steak & seafood houses. Very comfy atmosphere.

      539 N. State St.

      Yes, you are correct in assuming. This steak and seafood house is owned by the manufacturer's of WEBER GRILLS. This is a very unique restaurant in that much of the food is cooked on enormous Weber wood/charcoal grills in a attractive open kitchen setting. I haven't been here but I here good things about it. Definitely not at Gibsons caliber but supposedly has very good food.

      800 W. Adams St.

      A definite departure from your typical steak and seafood restaurant. This is by far one of the best Greek restaurants in Chicago. The atmosphere is elegant and serene and the prices reasonable. They're known for thier seafood but serve excellent steaks and lamb as well, and of course amazing appetizers!

      1. Hard to top Keefer's, in my estimation.
        Voted best steakhouse in Chicago by someone (saw the sign in the window), I have had many fine meals here, with exemplary service and a wonderful ambience. If they have the skatewing daily special, it's a must-have.

        1. It doesn't get much better than Custom House, 500 S. Dearborn. Chef-Owner Shawn McClain won this year's James Beard Award as Best Chef-Midwest (albeit officially for his seafood place, Spring). Custom House has a "meat-focused" menu that also features great seafood, but is much more ambitious and creative than a traditional steakhouse. The shortribs are amazing; nothing like any others I've had.

          Even though it is only 9-10 months old, it's already one of the best restaurants in the city. Entrees are in the $20s-$30s, apps/salads/sides are around $7-$15, so it's actually a bit cheaper than some of the big-league steakhouses (although portions are not as huge). Really beautiful space, too--very elegant but not stuffy or too flashy.