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Aug 3, 2006 04:34 PM


I'm new to the boards so forgive me if this place has been posted, but I thought it worth mentioning again if it has. It's called Florent and is down around the meatpacking district. Excellent food, although it is usually very crowded and noisy. The food is fantastic no matter what you order, but since I'm a creature of habit, I usually go with the crab cakes or the steak and fries. You definately won't go wrong here.

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  1. Yep--Florent is a well-known place around here.

    1. Yes, certainly well known but it's nice to give them a mention from time to time. A great place for late night meals - they never close.

      Funny aside - Citysearch refers to Florent as "enduringly trendy." That's like saying something is "always new."

      1. Try going in the middle of the night sometime for a real slice of NYC nightlife - everything from rock stars, to trannies to your everyday bridge and tunnel crowd. It's really quite a scene.

        And yes, the food is good.

        1. Has anyone had their moules frites ? Any good ?

          1. yes, thanks for mentioning, it's great that florent has remained excellent and unchanged as meatpacking has morphed into the ridiculous monstrosity we now behold. burgers are great. i havent had the moules but expect that they will do a good job with a bistro standard. the only good thing about the neighborhood change is that you can sit outside now without sharing the street with rivers of offal sludge.

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              completely agree, Florent is as comfortable as the proverbial old shoe and by remaining true to its premise will outlast all the other new places there (sorry I can't say the same for Rio Mar).

              1. re: dbird

                aaaaah I do miss Rio Mar.

                By any chance have you found a suitable replacement?