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Aug 3, 2006 04:24 PM

Cheap, Good dinner options in San Jose, near SJ State

My friends and I are going to a housewarming in San jose on Saturday. We'd like to grab an early dinner before we get there. The housewarming is right by San jose State. Any suggestions for good, cheap restaurants around SJ State? Any type of food will do, but Vietnamese restuarant suggestions would be a big plus. Thanks in advance.

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  1. lots of posts on Vung Tau, SJ, just use the Search box.

    1. the garage in naglee park, you can eat cheap if you stick to soups, salads and sides. not vietnamese, but tasty.

      1. Lots of vietnamese restaurants in your options as hhc said.

        Nha Toi is one block south of the south edge of campus, on William St. btw 10th and 11th. It has Northern Vietnamese food so not as much of the usual dishes you see in other restaurants. Pretty cheap ($10-$20).

        My report:

        yamada3's recent post:

        Dalat is also on William St. I think btw 9th and 10th, for more familiar dishes (noodle soups, bowls of grilled meat over noodle & veggies, rice plates) but executed very well. Very Cheap (almost all $5-$10


        San Jose Lunch Series report of Dalat:

        Vung Tau is a huge favorite of many, it's a couple blocks from the northeastern edge of campus. Destination worthy food with nice decor/atmosphere; some dishes are more than $20 but mostly $10-20.

        SJ Lunch Series' last report of Vung Tau:

        There's also My Canh, also on 375 E. Santa Clara St. 1 block north of campus, where the SJ Lunch Series enjoyed 7 courses of fish. Pretty cheap (around $10).

        SJ Lunch Series' 7 Courses of Fish report:

        I'm too lazy to dig up other links, but hopefully that gives you a good set of options.

        1. While I love Vung Tau, I don't think of it as particularly "cheap" for Viet food. Prices are moderate-high, but the portions are generous and quality of ingredients is high.

          For cheap, hole-in-the-wall type places, I would recommend Dalat that Alice suggested or Quang Da on Santa Clara St. Quang Da specializes in Hue/Central Viet cuisine. Banh xeo, other banh dishes, and bun bo hue highly recommended.

          SJ Viet lunch series report:

          My dinner there: