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Aug 3, 2006 04:13 PM

Breakfast in or around Fashion Island (Newport Beach)

I need recs for tomorrow morning! Nothing fancy, just a nice breakfast before an eye surgery. Most of the restaurants there don't open till 10am. I want my breakfast at 7-ish.

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  1. You might try Pacific Whey bakery/restaurant in Newport...their location off Ford and San Miguel is close to FI....also try Haute Cakes or Plums in the WestCliff area in Newport....all good breakfast spots....If these don't open early enough,Keanes in Newport serves excellent coffe and pastries which they get from Pacific Whey bakery.

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    1. re: stormin norman

      thanks norman! My surgery is in San Miguel and McArthur! I will google the address for Pacific Whey. thanks much!

      Also, is the Plums in Westcliff the same company as the Plums in 17th st. in Costa Mesa? They have GREAT breakfasst stuff there.

      1. re: ml22

        that is the same Plums...I just call it Newport...The Pacific Whey is just 5 minutes from your surgery spot...they have great pastries and good breakfasts...hopefully thy will be open at 7:00

        1. re: stormin norman

          They will be open at 7am - went to their website, though, to get exact times & hours are not listed - weird... Just noticed another being opened in Crystal Court.

    2. Cafe R&D at Fashion Island has an interesting breakfast menu.

      1. Went to Plums this morning and was disappointed that they didn't open until 8:00. I was even more disappointed that we ended up at Shorehouse on the Balboa Peninsula. The food at Shorehouse was below average and the service can best be described as pissy.

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          That's too bad - the one in Belmont Shores is very friendly & have always had basic, but good food there.

        2. Well, I went to Pacific Whey last friday before my lasik and was disappointed at their filet mignon and eggs breakfast. It had 2 tiny pieces of filet mignon and overcooked eggs. My friend enjoyed her chorizo scramble but my other friend HATED the biscuits and gravy. Gravy was too pasty, he said.

          They had a generous amount of fresh fruits with every order but i seriously think it's overpriced. I say it's a glamorized Denny's.

          They had a wide selection of pastries and ambience was great. The food? so-so.

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          1. re: ml22

            The next time that you're looking for breakfast in the area try Wilma's on Balboa Island. Great food and a wide variety of choices. They open at 7am every day.