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Bohemian Beer Hall - What to Eat?

I know there have been some other threads on the same subject, but I didn't see as many opinions as I expected ... am heading out to the Beer Hall this weekend for some eating and heavy boozing. What food should I get, and what should I stay away from? All I've heard with any consistency is that the kielbasa is great.

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  1. I haven't been but it was mentioned on the TONY channel as of Monday. I'm not sure if it's still available. If you have Time Warner cable you should check out TONY. There was actually a short on popular Beer Gardens.

    They showed what looked like a really awful grey burger. I'd definitely stay away from that.

    1. The food there is pretty unremarkable, but not too terrible... appropriate for a Beer Garden. Lots of sausages and I remember eating some carmel colored sauced meat served on wonder bread, I actually enjoyed it to my surprise... tasty but not anything to get excited about. Eat your veggis before you go out.

      1. You don't really go there for the food...but if you must, stick to the basics. Schnitzel & sausage are boring and safe.

        1. Before a group of friends decided we would go there for a "dinner", i had also never thought of the Beer Garden as much of a meal type of place. The kielbasa was always enough for me, but it was actually pretty decent. I took pics and talk about everyone's dish on my blog though, so feel free to judge for yourself http://gudstufnyc.blogspot.com/2006/0...

          1. Not about the food, but: Do yourself a favor and get there early -- often by evening on the weekend, the lines is out the door and down the block. That said, if you're a small group you can usually perch on the end of someone else's table -- it's a very friendly place.

            1. Been to the beer garden a bunch of times. I would almost go so far as
              to suggest eating before you go. The beer is great- but the sausages are really bad.
              Nonetheless- the burgers are okay- after a few beers they can even be pretty tasty- so you
              might want to stick with a simple cheeseburger or the like.

              1. Kielbasa = good. Get some mustards and kraut and lots of beer and you're set.

                I had their beef goulash last weekend and was pleased as well.

                1. Just don't show up hungry. The last time I was there they had 2 waitresses trying to serve 500 people, or whatever the garden holds. I'm not sure of the weekend policy, but on weekdays they often stop taking food orders by 9:30pm with the kitchen closing at 10:00pm.

                  1. What I've heard is good (haven't been there yet myself) is Koliba at 31-11 23rd Ave. It's been described as a Czech-expat bar w/food here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/....

                    Also if you don't want to walk as far you could check out Elias Place, which is a Greek fish tavern on the same block as Bohemian at 24-02 31st St.

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                      I understand that the entire menu at Bohemian Beer is now being served in the garden. That probably slightly improves the chances of getting something decent enough to sop up the beer. I like the kielbasa, but even I recognize that we're not talking "very good" here. By the way, I ate at Elias Corner last Thursday and, although the fish is impeccibly fresh and well done (very simply w/lemon), none of the sides (well, okay, maybe the Greek salad) are worth anything. Not even the chips. But it has been so for many years & that doesnt stop me from going periodically... I like fresh fish. No credit... no frills.

                    2. thanks for all the advice, everyone. unfortunately, i'm going for the beer so i guess i'll just pass on the food, with maybe some kielbasa to tide me over.

                      headed to shake shack for late night noshing anyway, so i suppose i'll save room for the good stuff!

                      1. I've had the roast duck with knadl and purple cabbage in the garden, and it was quite good.

                        1. I frankly found the kielbasa to be wonderfully satifying after deinking down some great big mugs of pils. What a spot. Skip the fries, they are an abomonation. Soggy and nasty.

                          1. I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned the potato pancakes. They're a carb-o-licious accompanment to the kielbasa. Don't forget the sour cream!

                            1. I was thinking about this thread over the weekend and it occured to me that the burgers and kielbasa they grill in the back are exactly the same quality level you'd get at a summer backyard party. They are not great and they are not awful, but then, when you go to a party like that you're not really expecting great food. You'd never say "There's a party at my friend Joe's house on Labor Day but lets stay away because the burgers are just average."

                              Go for the beer and the atmosphere. While you're there eat something to counteract the effects of the beer. That way you can drink more.

                              1. - beer is great
                                - crowds out of control
                                - menu in garden is LIMITED steam table fare plus grilled kielbasa, burgers, franks
                                - for the czech food: you pay, get a ticket, wait on line, get your food sloped on a plate, sit and wash it down with a luke warm pilsner (it was good and cold before you had to wait on the chow line)
                                - you feel like you're a low ranking member of the slovak army
                                - and we miss the impromptu wind band that used to play there every once in a while on sunday afternoons; gave it a real prague like atmosphere - where'd Myslivek go?

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                                  As I said earlier in the thread, burgers and kielbasa are the way to go. It's a party, not a culinary adventure.

                                2. Dont eat the food. Drink the beer. Then run out to La Vita Mia one block west and then run back to drink more beer.