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Aug 3, 2006 04:03 PM

Beating the heat at Tides-Review

After seeing a movie at the Landmark Sunshine, I thought it would be a good time to try Tides, since I am not always in the area. Luckily for us there was a table ready when we walked in around 9:00. I say lucky because the place is very small. With 2 alcoves for seating on the left and a couple of 2 tops on the right this is a very tight space. Started off with the fried clams and oysters. Lightly battered, crunchy with the oysters being especially creamy inside. A light tartar sauce was available on the side, but really all these needed were just a squirt of lemon. For a main I had the seasonal lobster roll, this was made with a mayo, lemon zest and oregano dressing served on a grilled brioche bun. This was one of the best lobster rolls I have had. The lobster meat was very tender and moist and the mayo dressing that coated the meat was smooth and tasty with just a hint of lemon and oregano coming through. A side of freshly made sweet potato chips complimented the roll very nicely. We had a very nice white(burgundy?)which was crisp and light. A minor quibble would be the double glass insulated tumblers that they serve the wine in, a little thick and had a cheap feel to them. Along with the very nice and helpful service, Tides was a cool and calm oasis on a very hot and sticky night.

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  1. i was there about a week ago with my girlfriend. we walked by and the owner pretty much urged us in. he was nice and ive wanted to check out tides for awhile...there was not only no wait but the place was basically empty, though it was tuesday night, 8:30pm.

    service was friendly but a bit awkward. im used to good service that is casual at mary's fish camp but the waitress was sweet. they were out of lobster rolls which i was upset about so i settled for a steamed lobster, the girlfriend had the crabcakes.

    you cant really judge a place when you order a steamed lobster. it was okay overall. a few days later i was in cape cod and had a great one so in comparison id say it was fair. the crab cakes were good. nothing too mind blowing.

    the wine list was nice, particularly a chilled pinot noir. overall, a good option for a seafood fix but nothing i found to be amazing.

    1. Tides is one of my favorite neighborhood places, and I've found it to be very consistent and friendly. I actually like their wine glasses -- I think they're Bodum. I recently had a grilled dorade there that was one of the best I've ever eaten.

      1. I am not a fan of Tides at all. I think it is one if the most overrated places on Chowhound. I feel the same way as the original poster - the wine glasses feel cheap. Our wine was stale and warm, and the server gave us a little "I don't know what you are talking about but I guess I will replace it" and an eye roll. They had a mere 10 oysters left in the whole resto at 7 PM on a weeknight. And they were warm and very big. Ugh. My lobster roll was okay. I guess I just have a problem paying $24 for a lobster roll unless it si the best thig I have ever tasted. Most lobster rolls in the city are as good/better and don't cost $24. And it was accompanied by soggy sweet potato fries. When the bill came my friend and I loked at it and lamented that we could have gone to any retaurant in the city (well many) for that money. I won't be back.

        1. Do they give you a good amount of filling in their lobster rolls? I hate lobster rolls with more bread then filling.