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Aug 3, 2006 04:00 PM

Buying good belgian beer [SEA]

My folks are coming into town and we recently turned my Dad onto Belgian beer. He's back and wants to try more!

Still toying with the idea of going out to sample (Stumbling Monk, BPP, Brouers etc) but in case that doesn't happen, would like to host my own tasting at home.

Any recs on good places to buy a selection of Belgian beer for tasting? I've seen some good options at Whole Foods and the QFC at U Village, but there must be better out there someplace.


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  1. Bottleworks
    1710 N 45th St # 3

    You won't be sorry.

    1. Bottleworks - 45th Ave in Wallingford.

      Whole Foods Roosevelt

      Ballard Market on 15th just north of Market.

      There's also a place on 105th just east of Aurora that has a pretty huge selection.

      Bottleworks is my number 1 mostly because its small and anyone who works there will answer questions and knows their sh**. It's the store that launched Brouwers.

      1. It wouldn't be your least expensive choice and I don't know how far of a journey it would be for you, but the BPP will let you buy bottles and take them away. A good excuse to sample some of their wares on your buying trip and their selection may be better than a lot of retail outlets.

        A retail option to consider is Bottleworks, though I've never been there. It's in Wallingford on 45th. Here's the link to their website:

        1. Thanks so much for the speedy suggestions! Will have to make a trip to Bottleworks this weekend to stock up. The only very sad part is that I am pregnant and can't partake in the sampling. Beer is really the only thing I miss!