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Dinner in chinatown saturday for party of 9. New Green Bo?

Will be arriving in NYC tomorrow from San Antonio. Meeting my brother and his family on Saturday, plan on dinner (6ish) in Chinatown. Our party consists of 4 adults and 5 girls, ages 2-16.

New Green Bo said I could call Saturday morning to reserve a table (and order a peking duck). Good idea or other suggestions?

I've looked through many posts on this board, will order the tiny steamed dumplings (aka soup dumplings) and scallion pancakes. Other dish suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. Leaving in the AM, anyone?

    1. i don't find new green bo to be as mind-blowingly good as many seem to, but their vegetable dumplings are the best i've had by far. they're huge and stuffed with a delicious mixture of veggies (lots of greens), vermicelli, and tofu. i'd say they're a must-order.
      have you done a search for older threads? there were many detailed, dish-by-dish discussions of ngb on the old boards.

        1. Big Wing Wong on Mott Street. Awesome food and the best part cheap! No reservations needed.

          1. The Yellow Fish with Dry Seaweed was pretty tasty, but let me warn you that it's deep fried. I enjoy their Shredded Pork & Preserved Cabbage Noodle Soup. From what I remember, they only have 1 big table, so good luck in getting it!

            Yeah Shanghai Deluxe (across the street) could be a good alternative. I enjoy the atmosphere better there because there is a lot more room and the waiters are not trying to make you leave so they seat the next family! :)

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              Thanks for posting that. I concluded years ago that Yeah is the best Shanghainese restaurant on that block (and probably best in Manhattan). You don't have to be concerned about ordering something like "Jalapeno Chicken" and finding out that it's no good because it's not a specialty. Plus, there are always empty tables, and the back (where I always sit) actually has some decor. Same prices, more consistently good, more comfortable, plus decor. Plus, I once had very rude service at NGB (in fairness, the proprietress took over and did a good job) and never have in dozens of visits to Yeah. I fail to see what the draw of New Green Bo is, when Yeah is across the street.

            2. Sound like Yeah might be a good alternative. What's best to order there? With 9 of us, I'd like to try a lot of different things.

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                First of all, most any of their appetizers (mostly cold dishes) are good. Get a whole bunch! Here are some of my favorites:

                Aromatic Beef
                Dry Bean Curd W. mixed Vegetable (This must be their new name for Aster Indicus - get this, trust me. Minced bean curd skin with curly parsley et al. and plenty of sesame oil - great stuff!)
                Ox Tongue & Triples [sic] In Hot Sauce (really spicy because of the hot oil, delicious!)
                Beef Tendon W. Spicy Falvor (ditto, maybe even better than the tongue and tripe)
                Seasoned Seaweed
                Spicy Cabbage (moderately spicy, not firebreathing like the tongue and tripe and the beef tendon)

                I don't see Kaofu listed on their menupages menu, but order it. It's wheat gluten in sesame sauce with black mushrooms and bamboo shoots, and I can't remember what name it's given in the menu.

                Scallion Pancke [sic] - They do a good job on these. I'd prefer a bit more scallions, but the pancakes are not too oily and taste good.

                Spicy Minced Meat Noodle (though perhaps this is better for one person than a group - hard to share easily)

                I'm finding their menupages.com menu frustrating, because I'm not seeing my favorite main dishes there. I'll recommend the Eel dish under "Chef's Specialties" at the very front of the menu they'll give you in the restaurant. It's probably listed as Eel with Leeks in Black Pepper Sauce, and it's presented very dramatically, with the waiter pouring very hot (in temperature) sesame oil into the dish and letting you watch it bubble. It's peppery and wonderfully tasty! Also get the Chicken with Chestnuts, which is cooked in a rice white sauce that still has a very noticeable alcohol taste in it when it gets to you. I remember getting Diced Chicken With Peanut and liking it. Their crab dishes are excellent. If your group likes crabs, you might even want to get more than one style. I have yet to try their chili crabs, which look great. Whole fish dishes are a great idea, with one caveat: Don't get the Chrysanthemum Fish, which looks terrific but is just too sweet. The Jumbo Shrimp with Chili Sauce is delicious! It comes with noodles and ground pork. Tofu with Crab Meat is cooked with egg and is subtle in a way that's very welcome if you get several other dishes that are peppery.

                I'd generally recommend that you get a combination of appetizers and main dishes and avoid lo mein (because it will be fine but not special). Of the dim sum items other than the Scallion Pancakes, the "Juicy Buns" (xiaolong bao) are popular, and if you like those, get them. Although the thickness of the skins is inconsistent, the contents are pretty good.

                The waiters are likely to give you some good recommendations once you show that you are adventurous.

              2. I called this morning and they supposedly have the big table reserved for us at 6:30 (NGB), we'll see what happens. Cam always go across the street to Yeah Shanghai if there's a problem.

                Plan on some ice cream after dinner.

                Thanks for all of your suggestions, I'll post a report.

                1. I enjoy the honey shoulder at Yeah Shanghai. I hope the dinner went well!

                  1. We ended up eating at New Green Bo. We had been walking around all afternoon, so ended up there at 5:30, an hour earlier than our reservation. After yelling at me for coming an hour early, they made a smaller party move (they hadn't ordered yet), so we could have one of the large tables (there are 3 large round tables).

                    Ordered way too much food.

                    Started with an order each of the tiny steamed buns and the fried dumplings, 3 orders of scallion pancakes, crispy eel,sesame noodles , hot and sour soup and wonton soup.

                    The dumplings/buns were very good, pancakes large and a bit heavy, eel very unusual (tiny crispy strands) and the soup ok.

                    Had a peking duck (very good), sesame chicken (stir-fried instead of fried at the request of my brother), vegie lo-mein for the kids (they didn't even eat it) , a beef dish (good, forgot which one it was) and stringbeans.

                    Total with 6 Tsing-Dao's, soda for the kids and tip- $130

                    A few of us had ice cream at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, others waited until we went to Dylan's uptown later on.

                    I had the black sesame (good consistancy but tasteless) and the almond cookie (good flavor).

                    Overall, no where close to the best chinese food I've had, but good value, fun atmoshphere for a large party. Not sure I'd go back so soon, my tastes are more into spicy Sechuan/Hunan style.

                    Thanks for the recs.

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                      If it's Sichuan you're looking for you should have gone to Wu Liang Ye instead.

                    2. I knew it wasn't going to be Sichuan, I had to appease my brother and his family. I plan on Wu Liang Ye or Grand Sichuan tomorrow night.

                      1. We thought New Green Bo was terrible and have never had a bad meat at the New Bing Wang on Elizabeth & Bayard. Get the twin lobsters with garlic & ginger (or black bean sauce), the lamb chops if they have them, pan fried noodles with chicken, roast pork to start, sauteed string beans and they have terrific fish and seafood dishes.