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Aug 3, 2006 03:15 PM

Dinner in chinatown saturday for party of 9. New Green Bo?

Will be arriving in NYC tomorrow from San Antonio. Meeting my brother and his family on Saturday, plan on dinner (6ish) in Chinatown. Our party consists of 4 adults and 5 girls, ages 2-16.

New Green Bo said I could call Saturday morning to reserve a table (and order a peking duck). Good idea or other suggestions?

I've looked through many posts on this board, will order the tiny steamed dumplings (aka soup dumplings) and scallion pancakes. Other dish suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. Leaving in the AM, anyone?

    1. i don't find new green bo to be as mind-blowingly good as many seem to, but their vegetable dumplings are the best i've had by far. they're huge and stuffed with a delicious mixture of veggies (lots of greens), vermicelli, and tofu. i'd say they're a must-order.
      have you done a search for older threads? there were many detailed, dish-by-dish discussions of ngb on the old boards.

        1. Big Wing Wong on Mott Street. Awesome food and the best part cheap! No reservations needed.

          1. The Yellow Fish with Dry Seaweed was pretty tasty, but let me warn you that it's deep fried. I enjoy their Shredded Pork & Preserved Cabbage Noodle Soup. From what I remember, they only have 1 big table, so good luck in getting it!

            Yeah Shanghai Deluxe (across the street) could be a good alternative. I enjoy the atmosphere better there because there is a lot more room and the waiters are not trying to make you leave so they seat the next family! :)

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              Thanks for posting that. I concluded years ago that Yeah is the best Shanghainese restaurant on that block (and probably best in Manhattan). You don't have to be concerned about ordering something like "Jalapeno Chicken" and finding out that it's no good because it's not a specialty. Plus, there are always empty tables, and the back (where I always sit) actually has some decor. Same prices, more consistently good, more comfortable, plus decor. Plus, I once had very rude service at NGB (in fairness, the proprietress took over and did a good job) and never have in dozens of visits to Yeah. I fail to see what the draw of New Green Bo is, when Yeah is across the street.