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Aug 3, 2006 02:57 PM

Catering a Wedding in Southern NH?


Well, I guess it is finally time to start planning. I'm getting married in my backyard in Hudson, NH in September 2007. I am new to Southern NH, and have no idea where to look for a GOOD caterer. Looking for a buffet-style meal, high-quality food. There needs to be decent vegetarian options, as about 1/4 of the guests don't eat meat. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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  1. I delayed posting since I do not have specific recommendations for you. We did a 'backyard' wedding last year and opted to have different people supply different things but hired one person to provide Shaker squash rolls, potato salad and to manage the kitchen and cleanup. She is a professional cook with a commercial kitchen in her home but, alas, lives too far from you. But you might find a similar person selling baked goods at a local farmers market. I would also ask around at a food coop/health food store and check out the names listed on local baked goods and prepared foods. Our guest list was under 100, we were trying to keep costs down, and wanted really good food. My budget minded DIL had a small wedding cake made but got decorated cupcakes from Shaw's to serve and had a friend pick them up on Saturday morning when they were cheaper even though they were ordered ahead. In fact, Shaw's supermarket might be a place to start if you like the salads they serve (in a Super Shaw's with a prepared food dept.). Check your favorite restaurants to see if they would cater your favorite dishes (some small restaurants in Concord NH also cater). It might be best to start with your idea of a perfect menu and go from there. Our August wedding included fresh corn on the cob but it was a bit disappointing and greatly added to the amount of last minute work. Our son and DIL wanted a casual menu with barbecued chicken. I'm not sure the individual servings of dip with veggies were popular. The large shot type glasses were purchased at the Christmas Tree Shoppe, took hours to decorate and another family crew took care of cutting up all the vegetables and filling the glasses. Should you decide to get food from a variety of sources, be sure to hire someone to oversee the whole thing with written directions. But I hope you can find the perfect caterer who will do the entire buffet.

    1. Here's a place to try:

      The Green House used to be great restauarnt a long time ago. Unfortunatley they closed, but the catering is probably done by their children? If they learned from mom and dad it should be pretty good.

      Also check out:

      They may have more vegetarian offerings for you.

      1. New place just opened up in Chelmsford (MA) Center. All fresh, home-made delicious food. They claim to do catering but because they're new, I don't know anyone who's used them. Also don't know how large your wedding is. But it's probably worth a phone call.
        The Urban Cafe, 12 Chelmsford St. Chelmsford. (978) 256-5540. Open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

        1. I am getting married in Walpole NH in August 2007 and am in the process of trying to track down a good caterer too. One of the places that I'm excited about is: They come highly recommended, though I've yet to taste their food or receive a sample menu. Their website sure is pretty though.

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