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Aug 3, 2006 02:41 PM

Restaurant w/ private dining area by Grand & Wabash

I need to find a restaurant (for a business function) that would hopefully have some sort of private dining area. No specific food in mind or price limit (but not someplace super expensive) I know of Brasserie Jo and Maggiano's, but can anyone suggest something else. Should be for around 25-30 people. Thanks!

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  1. You might check Harry Carey's or Keefers -

    1. Frontera Grill (Clark & Illinois) has rooms downstairs that you could probably reserve. There are a lot of restaurants in that area, I would guess most of them have some sort of private areas. Kiefer's and Capital Grille also have rooms.

      1. Gibsons's steakhouse is excellent and has an upstairs private party area. Great food, atmosphere and location. Could get expensive though.