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Aug 3, 2006 02:28 PM

Fire Island restaurants?

A friend and I were supposed to drive up to CT in two weeks to hit a fish shack or two. However, we were just invited out to Fire Island that day, and may go out there instead. Does anyone know of any good places? I tried to google, but it doesn't look like any of the restaurants really have websites.


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  1. There are 17 different communities on Fire Island. Do you know which one you have been invited to?

    1. After many years, I've yet to find a resturant on Fire Island that's worth recommending. Most are not much more tha passable and tend to be overpriced. (Although the lobster roll at Jumpin' Jack's in Cherry Grove is ok, just ask them to put it on a bun instead of a croissant).

      However, the fried clam boat from the shack across from the ferry terminal in Bay Shore is yummy. Fresh whole clams not the little cut up things. Skip the fries though. They're nothing special.

      1. Just came back from the Ocean Beach/Ocean Bay area this weekend. Very disappointing, I walked round and round trying to figure out which place to go for overpriced mediocore food. Probably would have been better off with a pizza. Next time we plan on trying Smoking Al's in Bayshore for dinner after the day at the beach.

        1. There is one good restaurant on Fire Island — and don't judge by past impressions because it used to be a hamburger joint. The Out, located in Kismet at the lighthouse end of the island has quite good food for a beachy place. The Asian inspired fish dishes such as hibachi salmon with miso noodles and the rare tuna on skewers are pretty sophisticated and good. We've eaten there twice this week and both times, the food was good. My husband was just in need of some rosemary to grill a lamb and he asked the chef if he could spare some. He opened the door to a backyard filled with flourishing herbs — another good sign.

          1. In Fair Harbor. Le Dock. In Ocean Beach. The Mermaid and the place at Housers. I am drawing a blank on the name.

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              Do you and niia realize you are restponding to a 2 year old post?