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Aug 3, 2006 02:16 PM

Great Indian in Great Barrington

I just needed to tell you guys that I think Aroma is really good. I love their spinach naan and everything else I have had there has been great.

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    1. re: Marco

      It's on Rt 7 just south of the more built up part of town. Driving south, it will be on your left and there's a parking lot adjacent.

      I also like Aroma - we are blessed with a few decent Indian places in the central/lower Berkshires and Aroma is definitely a good addition. My other favorite is Bombay Grill on Rt. 20, on Laurel Lake in Lee(in the best western hotel on the lake - a nice place to dine and watch the sun going down)

      1. re: Bookistan

        We know of Bombay Grill but haven't been there yet. Will check out Aroma soon. Thanks much.

    2. Ate at Aroma last night and itw as fabulous. Great Shrimp Saag, Lamb Korma and Chicken Tikka...service was great and fast....I will definetly go there again.