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Menu for Aroma Espresso Bar

Anyone know where I can find a menu (online) for Aroma Espresso Bar on Houston and Greene? Menupages hasn't posted one yet...

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  1. Haven't seen one but I was just there. Are you looking for something specific?

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      Nope, nothing specific. I just like perusing over menus before going to a place...it's become a new obsession of mine.

    2. I don't think they have an English website, yet. I tried several things there last week, including a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich (this was my favorite item), an omelet sandwich, a mozzerella and tomato sandwich, a mixed salad, and a power breakfast (eggs, vegetables and salad). Everything was good, although nothing blew me away, except for the cappucinos, which have been amazing the two times I had them. The bread on which the sandwiches were served was excellent. The ingredients were all fresh.

      I don't think Aroma is a destination place for a meal, but their coffee drinks are great, it's a pleasant place to hang out, and the food is all decent.

      1. I went for lunch the other day and was disappointed. The bread on the sandwiches is not very good (too thick and spongy IMHO). The salad was o.k., but the chicken in it wasn't great.

        I also ordered an iced coffee my first time there -- which cost $3.90, the same as an iced cappucino, I think. Crazy!

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          That's strange about your iced coffee--I went today and got one for $1.90.

        2. They also have a boreka, a philo pastry filled with white cheese, which lacks cheese flavor. Even there was some cheese in it, it did not taste like white cheese. I was not impressed by it, but i will try their breakfast plate next time, that looked pretty good.

          1. From what I understand--it is truly an offshoot of the Israeli Aroma chain. In which I case, I agree with the poster who said it is not really a food destination. But, I am DYING to go, since I miss Aroma very much!

            1. I had a great Greek salad. It was huge and delicious and the bread on the side was good, although not as good as at their Israel shops.

              1. where is the location of the israeli chain located?

                do they sabich sandwiches, chicholinna's, limmonate (an icee lemonade blended with mint leaves). also, do they great preparations of hummus. also, do they have shakshukah.

                how's the desserts?

                if i'm not mistaken it's a fish/dairy restaurant, correct?

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                  I had a great Shakshukah at the 12 Chairs rest on McDougal (SoHo side) the other day... It is a cute little Israeli restaurant.... They serve great bread and flavoured cream cheese, and shakshukah comes with a big bowl of salad (sort of a Shepherd Salad) and very tasty.... Highly recommended...

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                    It's on Houston near Wooster. In Israel it's all fish and dairy but here they have chicken, too. I'm not sure about any of the dishes you mentioned. I think they may do the sabich but the others don't ring a bell. I'd go for the salads, breakfasts and maybe sandwiches; the desserts are not standouts.

                  2. Anyone know what the URL is for Aroma's web site? I've Google'd but can't find.

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                      Last I checked their website was only available in Hebrew.

                    2. Here is a review by nosher which was pretty interesting.


                      1. I am addicted to the original "Aroma Coffee"
                        i have an israeli friend who has me hooked on this light coffee with melted israeli chocolate!
                        im not really a coffee drinker but i really like this.. their tuna sandwich is also fantastic...
                        the apple pie (roll) is crisp and really good.. not like the mcdonalds apple pie for sure..
                        i think you will love this place to hang out and chill with a friend and catch up over chocolate coffee :)
                        its open 24 hours!

                        1. http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...

                          just looked, i am planning an East Coast trip & there it was!
                          it only took a year!