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Aug 3, 2006 01:49 PM

Vitello Tonnato recs [split from Crostini di Fegatini thread]

slightly off topic-wife had a yen for vitello tonnato last night (it being over 100 degrees outside). I managed to take out pork tonnato from Da Silvano which was very good though I prefer it with veal. Any recs on the best vitello tonnato?

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  1. Osteria Del Sole in the West Village has a very good version.

    1. I had a very good (and somewhat large) version at Hearth (1st ave and 12th street) two weeks ago. Instant transport to Italian seaside meals of childhood. It's a beautiful thing.

      1. It is a signature dish at Teodora, the chefs personal favorite dish. I don't personally care for that particular dish but my wife loves it.

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