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Aug 3, 2006 01:53 PM

Swanton St. Diner, Winchester

My wife and are frequent patrons of the Swanton St. Diner in Winchester. We started going there because it was close to where we live and the prices were reasonable but now we go because it is really a great little place with excellent food and friendly wait staff. They should eally call this place the Swanton St. Bistro or Cafe because it is much more than just a diner. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offer a wide selection of appetisers, pizzas and entrees along with a nightly special or two. We have never been disappointed with anything we have tried although we usually end up ordering a few dishes that have become personal favorites.

We usually start with an appetiser of steamed mussels. They are steamed in a very tasty mixture of butter, wine, garlic and a heavy dose of lemon juice. One order is enough for two people to split. Most of the entrees come with a small garden salad that is always freshly made but nothing special. For entrees our favorites include the seafood rissoto (lobster, scallops, calamari and shrimp with a bit of tomato and fresh basil), the broiled scrod (a very nice serving and always fresh) along with two side dishes which always include fresh vegtables, The cheese burger,the steak tips and any of the specials that we have tried which usually revolve around seafood with some type of pasta.

The wait staff is always very accomodating to special requests too. We have never tried any of the desserts but they all look about average. The place has a beer and wine license too.

If anyone is looking for a place that has great food for those nights when you don't feel like cooking and don't want to spend a fortune you can't go wrong with the Swanton St. Diner.

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  1. The same people run the Stearns and Hill Bistro in Melrose. I like their vegatables and mashed potatoes. I have had their lamb a few times, and it has been good.
    A few times, I have gone with friends, and we have ordered a few appetizers and some wine. Enough food to satisfy.

    1. I agree and the same people also own a place in Woburn too but I can't remeber the name.

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        The place in Woburn is called Tanner Tavern. I have always thought the food at Swanton Street Diner is good- not excellent, but good enough considering it is very close to my house and reasonably priced. My issue with the place has always been cleanliness- it is as if no one has ever wiped down the walls of that place. Grosses me out, really. We only go for breakfast on the weekends anymore.

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          Hi I have to agree with you on the cleanliness issue. In fact we have mentioned this to the manager several times. They do need to be morediligent about this. We usually sit at the bar so it has become less of an issue for us. I also agree that their food is in the very good category certainly not excellent but if you don't have to travel far to get there and you are loooking for something casual you can't beat it