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Aug 3, 2006 01:29 PM

Dim Sum North of T.O. with carts?

Any suggestions for good dim sum north of the city centre, preferably with carts? Looking to take my Mom out for her first experience.


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  1. There's not alot of dim sum with carts north of Steeles to begin with. Here's one I remember:

    *Imperial Jade Chinese Cuisine, 350 Hwy 7 East, Richmond Hill, (905) 886-8872 to make sure. It's been awhile for me.

    1. Go to Dragon Dynasty, it's the ONLY place comparable to Hong Kong. I even found Lai Wah Heen whimsical but not that yummy.

      1. Ruby @ Woodside Mall but it's mediocre

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          Yugh... Ruby sucks. I seriously think that the food gets cold on the trolleys 'coz the place is just so big for them to travel.

        2. Century Palace at Metro Square has push carts. Again, pretty mediocre and the selection is erratic.

          1. There is one at Yonge & Steeles which used to be called Furama. They've changed owners (dont' remember the new name) but still offer dim sum in carts. On the dim sum tasty scale, it's about average.

            It's in the northwest plaza at 100 Steeles West.