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Aug 3, 2006 01:07 PM

Seattle waterfront restaurants

I live in DC, and my mother (who lives in Seattle) wants to dine at a downtown waterfront restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. I am familiar with the usual tourist traps (Ivars). Are there any great new restaurants down there for someone who loves to eat?

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  1. Elfitch, Maximillien's At The Market has a very good view of the Sound and an excellent Sunday Brunch. (You order off a menu rather than buffet style.) Maximillen's serves traditional French breakfast options that will delight any Chowhound. Service is attentive and professional and the price is not expensive.

    1. anthony's at the bell street pier conference center, is true waterfront and, like others in the chain, does a most acceptable if not sterling job with their primarly seafood menu - the edgewater hotel (of beatles fame) offers a huge and expensive sunday buffet brunch; not having yet attended same, i cannot comment on quality

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        Anthony's used to be great, until Anthony started spending all his time on planes. I prefer to visit restaurants like Wild Ginger where the chef's still in the kitchen. ;)

        (Just ribbing you, Howard. I know there is no "Anthony," the chain being owned by Budd Gould & family.)

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          Hmmm. Last I checked Wild Ginger is several blocks from the waterfront. I have have been to Wild Ginger several times and the food has always been rather poor but good enough if you are going to Benaroya Hall.

          Anthony's is also average but the view is great. Call ahead to reserve a good table. If you want a really wonderful view then head over to Salty's on Alki. Great view of Seattle over there. I hear the brunch is really good but I have not been.

      2. The restaurant at the Edgewater Hotel is called "Six Seven" and it's excellent. Hans Reisinger is really a talented chef, and you can't beat the view.

        Check out their website for further information:

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          We went to Six/Seven at the Edgewater a year ago, and found the brunch to be pretty disappointing. The buffet layout seemed pretty sparse and uninteresting. I specifically remember the dessert table was loaded with a bunch of weepy, damp, pre-frozen desserts, some of which I recognized from my college food-service days. The food was good and the view was beautiful, but that left us with a pretty bad impression.

        2. I also like the Waterfront and Elliot's...although...I prefer Elliot's for happy hour more than for dinner.

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            Of the restaurants with a view Cutter's is also pretty solid. Across the way from Cutter's (and therefore, with a less nice view) is Fish Club. Went for lunch once and had some excellent scallops.

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              Oh yeah! I went to fish club for lunch a year or so ago. The scallops were really good!

          2. i spent my recent wedding night at the edgewater and ate sunday brunch at 6/7 and was blown away. the service,the view, the quality and variety of food were just outstanding. make a reservation and you can't go wrong. you can thank me later.