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Aug 3, 2006 11:34 AM

Copco (Creuset like) CHEAP on ebay

Lovers of Le Creuset ( and what cook isn't?) check out the Copco pots and pans on ebay. Sometimes you can get them for next to nothing and pay a kinda big shipping price, but it is SO worth it.I have a cabinet FILLED with every size and color of creuset cookware I have purchased at thrift stores, yard sales and church bazaars over the years, nothing ever costing more than 10 bucks an none with chips in the enamel.I bought a big round flame dutch oven for $3 last week from a volunteer grannie at the hospital thrift store who commented "What are you going to do with that dear, it's So heavy?" I thought to myself: braise, sweat, roast, steam, boil,and gloat.

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  1. I have ancient Copco that's survived 20+ years. It's definitely "lighter" in build quality than Creuset(no idea if current Copco is better/worse though it looks the same)but the enamel is just as tough. Copco once partnered with the Japanese cast-iron magicians at Iwachu(makers of the glorious cast-iron teapots and cookware)and made a line of heavier ware in almost popsicle colours. Got some and found them more durable than old school Creuset or Descoware. Not sure they were ever widely available in N. America, though.

    1. AS I mentioned in the other thread, I have a number of pieces of Copco. I find it as good as LC. My pieces are at least 20 years old minimum with several probably 30 years plus. The paella pan is outstanding and makes a great paella and looks as good as the day I got in over 30 years ago. Have a number of casseroles and they are great for gratins, crumbles, cobblers, etc. I would have no probably buying another piece of Copco it I needed something.

      1. I love the old Copco, Cousances, Descoware, and Le Creuset cookware and buy only yellow and flame.

        I too have many many pieces of them, but I prefer the Copco. I think it is heavier/thicker than the others IMHO.

        I sooooooo agree with missclaudy!

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          1. Missclaudy,

            I have a Copco dutch pot with a couple of chips in the enamel, is it save to keep using for cooking?