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Aug 3, 2006 10:54 AM

Miel 50% off on ALL loose Chocolates! Deal of the Century!

Yesterday,at 6:03, saw the above sign in the window and the darling counter person took pity on me and unlocked the door and let me in.(I WAS crying and gesticulating wildly, fearing I'd missed my chance to buy these divine confections at half price.) Hounds, need I say more!! Run don't walk over to Miel and horde these little beauties. It IS 117 degrees outside so factor that in and take a small cooler, a bag of ice or have a freezing car waiting. The flavors are outrageous, all kinds of ganache, hazel nut, fleur de sel, fruits,etc all made of THE best ingredients! In Europe, lots of stores, pull chocolate from stores in the summer months which is only fitting in a continent that only got AC in the last few years(after all of those poor grannies and grandpas died during a heat wave a few years ago in their 6 floor walk ups in Paris.) Miel Patisserie is located at 204 S17th st.

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  1. Is the "sale" only after a certain hour, or is it a one-time deal just until they run out of inventory? My office is not far from there and I'm always up for yummy chocolate :)

    1. Until the inventory runs out I bet.

      1. Man, I wish I lived in PA!!!!