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Aug 3, 2006 10:22 AM

OPUS, great new menu

I happen to be near the Wiltern theatre to meet some friends and decided to check out Opus, since it seems to be one of the few non-korean restaurants in that area. I guess it used to be a steak house of some sort but just recently changed their menul. Wasn't expecting much, but I was blown away. The food is really good and the service was top notch. Apparently they just brought on the former chef from Meson G. Definitely worth the trip east. The bar is really nice to hang out with friends. They even have a great bar menu. Had the crispy pork belly over a fresh hearts of palm salad, then a stewed chicken with fresh garbanzo beans. Desserts were made on the premise and really added that final touch to the meal. I had the yogurt panna cotta and a friend of mine had the pluot shortcake and some kind of lemon verbena milk shake.

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  1. Could you please give me the address. Thank you

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      It's right next door to the Wiltern Theatre. Cross street is Western. There's valet in the front. The old Atlas Bar and Grill space. I think it's the 3700 block.