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ISO Expensive restaurant DEALS (lunch specials, special nights, tasting menus, etc)

Looking to experience AMAZING food on a budget. Does Spago or the like have relatively cheap options/opportunities? I know Echigo (far from the best but just an example) has $20 lunch special. I hear Kiriko has a cheap lunch special as well. Not just looking for sushi, but for anything delish.

How can I experience or sample THE BEST PLACES without breaking the bank?

Thanks in advance for any ideas. I live on the Westside, so recs around here are preferred.

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  1. I just posted a great experience I had tonite at Opus next to the Wiltern. They have a new chef and new menu. A lot of people were ordering the spontaneous menu. I think the 3 course is $30.00, which includes a muse. Very eclectic cuisine. I was truly impressed.

    1. Jiraffe's Monday Night Bistro Menu. 3 courses for $33. Very delightful!


      1. If I recall, Joe's in Venice has a 3 course prix-fixe menu for under 20 bucks.

        1. Josie's has their Wednesday Prix Fixe for $32 - 3 courses while they last; so go there on the early side.

          The local Economy is still good so the best places don't feel the need to attract customers that way. Back after the local Real Estate market went south about 1990, soon thereafter L'Orangerie and Michael's, for i.e., came out with attractive prix fixe offerings, but No longer.

          1. I've found Bistro K's tasting menu to be a very good deal for the money.

            1. Check out the Pig Roast at Norman's on Sunset on Friday nights. Only $20 for an amazing pork that has been roasted for 7 hours in a Caja China. It was so delicious!

              1. The 80 Days of Lobster thing at the Palm that someone posted recently seems like a really good deal. I think there are a couple weeks left on that promotion.

                1. Campanile (usually ~$50 pp) offers 2 lower-cost selections - the 3-course Monday Night dinner ($35pp) or the Grilled Cheese Thursday nights (more casual stuff, but much cheaper than their usual fare.)


                  1. Looking ahead to September, keep the Pellegrino Dine Out in mind. Many restaurants with $20.00 prix fixe lunches and $35.00 dinners. Frankly it looks like almost the same list of restaurants as last year and the year before (they need some new blood!), but there are some worth a visit for sure.


                    The site's not fully up to date yet, it looks like some menus haven't been posted and some are from last year. But at least they've got the dates (Sept. 18-22 & 25-29).

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                      Actually just found out about this (so even with the stale list of same restaurants most are new to me) - any particular prix-fixe dinners I should go for? (lunches are pretty much out of the question since it's workweek and my job's on east SGV)

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                        I've been going to this for the past couple of years - and if you do searches including the term dine-out you'll probably find a lot of past messages. And I'm sure there'll be plenty of posting when it rolls around this year....

                        But since you ask! I think my favorites have been Il Grano, Norman's and Vincenti. I honestly think I probably wouldn't have gone to any of these without the promotion (although Norman's pig roast is a temptation, I went before they started doing that).

                        It's too bad lunch is out for you because it is a nice opportunity to go to Michaels and have a bite on their patio (and it's almost literally a bite, the portions were tiny!).

                        I hope you get to take advantage of the promotion and report back on your experiences!

                    2. Not so much a deal as a money-saving tip, but some restaurants have mailing lists or "Clubs" on their Web sites that you can sign up for and you may get occasional coupons and discount (sometimes even one for signing up.) Napa Valley Grille and Cafe Del Rey, for example, offers a free flight of wines when you sign up for their eClub.

                      1. This is a great quest, hopefully more people will respond. I have been to the Jiraffe special mentioned above, I think it is a good deal, but not a great deal and somehow it seems like you still end up spending a fair amount. Make sure to ask about the wine special if the server doesn't mention it:


                        My wife thinks that the lunch special at Joe's in Venice is the best deal around. I haven't tried it yet, but I did really enjoy the Lilly's $10 lunch special:


                        I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Sunday Suppers at Lucques. I thought that the dinners were less than $40 though, maybe the price has gone up. You get three courses and the menu changes weekly:


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                          According to LA.com, the Sunday Supper used to be $35:
                          (the site also list other special dining nights @ restaurants across LA, many of which are already mentioned here.) I actually wanted to check that out @ Lucques but that week's menu didn't particularly appeal to me.

                          I did however, like the Farmer's Market menu @ Josie (on Wednesdays, around $30-35.)