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Aug 3, 2006 07:30 AM

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings @ Sun Sang

Ran too late on Monday and my go-to place for salt and pepper chicken wings by the pound, New Moon, was already sold out. I ducked my head into the other purveyors on the same block, but didn't see any that I wanted to buy until I hit Sun Sang.

The wings here are browner and fried a bit longer, so they're not as succulent. That doesn't mean they're dry, just less moist. But the wings are larger in size and the seasoning is quite a bit more assertive especially the heat of the fresh jalapeƱo chilis. And, it seems to me that at $3/lb., they're priced lower than New Moon. An overflowing, open-topped quart container cost less than $4.

Sun Sang Market
(415) 989-3060
1205 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94133

Sun Sang mention -

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  1. It is way too early for my mouth to be watering this much as I sit at my desk plotting if I can make it to Chinatown for lunch. I think it was you, Melanie, who turned me on to Capital's wings.

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    1. re: Chris Rising

      How does this compare to Capital's version? God, I'm salivating too....

      1. re: vliang

        Take-out is never going to hit the heights of Capital's juicy and crispy wings fresh out of the fryer, unless you happen to get them just after they've been prepped. But these are cheap, well-spiced, and a good thing to have when you're on the go. My parents appreciate them and will reheat them for several lunches. We've been buying New Moon's, but I think that once cold and reheated, these might be tastier. Yimster also recommends Gourmet Kitchen's so you might want to try those too.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Are you sure he means Gourmet Kitchen, not Gourmet Delight (same block)? Gourmet Delight is always mobbed with shoppers while Gourmet Kitchen usually looks pretty desolate.

          1. re: Gary Soup

            Yimster recommends Gourmet Delight for the hanging roast pig, but Gourmet Kitchen for fried chicken.


            1. re: Gary Soup

              I saw "jaweino" and I saw "four years ago." Gourmet Kitchen may have changed more times than Stanley Stephan in four years.

              1. re: Gary Soup

                Gary, jaweino credits Lambert aka Yimster in that thread if you look higher up. I picked up the specific older post because it provided the addresses that would be more useful. You're welcome.

        2. My wife is a big Sun Sang fan, and not only for for the cooked foods (she likes the roast duck) but for basics like dressed whole chickens.

          1. What no pictures? I'm shocked! ;)

            1. Here is the latest update on Gourmet Kitchen and Gorument Delight have the same chefs in the back as far as I know the ownership is still the same.

              Both places are busy but not at the same time. Delight also makes Salt and pepper wings but Gourmet does not make them all the time.

              This one block on Stockton is one of my favorite food stops in Chinatown. In the past I walk this side of the street and I have enough goodies for the week.

              But be careful and not get in Chowfun way when ordering you may get run over.

              Both Gourmet have good take out food if you do not want to cook. But you have to know which things are good where.

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              1. re: yimster

                That's interesting information. I'll have to check out Gourmet Kitchen more closely. It still seems odd that GD is always so busy while GK is usually empty of patrons when I'm there. Maybe it's that Gourmet Delight is brighter and cleaner looking, or maybe it's the autographed Martin Yan photo in the window ;-)

                1. re: yimster

                  I could be wrong but I think it's Gourmet Kitchen that has those small chicken drumsticks and wings (they're not salt and pepper - -just fried in a garlicky batter). My kids love those!

                  1. re: Cindy

                    They have both type at Gourmet Kitchen, now here is the major debate at our house. I like the spicy wings better at Kitchen while the boys like the regular wings at Delight. So I pick up a box at both places. Kitchen has Salt and Pepper Prawns also at I think 6 bucks a pound.

                2. the salt and pepper wings at pho hoa hiep, south side of Irving between 19th and 20th are pretty damn good. they come 5 to a plate and are big boys. it's the whole wing (wing tip included) fried to a perfect golden with a good amount of kick, and served with a fish sauce based sauce to dip. they're old reliable and always come out steaming hot. i will typically order them first, wait for them to come out, and then order a bowl of soup, as if you order it all at them same time, the soup comes 5 minutes before the wings. good stuff though.