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Aug 3, 2006 07:02 AM

Are walla walla onion rings still @ Burgerville?

Going to the NW next week. I loved those things back when I lived in PDX.....are they still on the menu?

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  1. Yes, saw a sign for them yesterday.

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    1. re: extramsg

      Yay! I'm going to Portland the weekend of the 12/13 and I'm looking forward to have my first Burgerville experience!

    2. They are on the menu in the Seattle area at Kidd Valley...nice big Walla Walla sweets slices hand battered and deep fried. Yum!

      1. Currently the milkshake is blackberry. Can't wait for huckleberry....three weeks I hope???

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        1. re: Leonardo

          My experience at Burgerville last weekend was very disappointing. I stopped there as a result of posts on this board, and ordered a burger and the Walla Walla onion rings. The server asked if I wanted the "huge" portion or the "semi-huge" portion. I chose the latter. What I received was a grand total of three (count 'em, three) onion rings, and a very soggy hamburger smothered in mayonaise and ketchup, not much better than the 99-cent burger at Jack'n'the Box. I checked my receipt and, yep, it said "onion rings -- 3-piece order." To add insult to injury, the three onion rings were burned black in places. Caveat emptor, I guess.

          1. re: Steve in Olympia

            Burned Onion Rings and soggy burgers have been my experience the last couple of times at Burgerville too.

            1. re: Cosby

              Hmm. About a month ago we stopped at the Gresham BV and had a semi-huge portion; the biggest, most fabulous onion rings I've ever had. A couple of weeks ago I did the same; four rings rather than three, apparently since they knew they weren't nearly as large as advertised. Not nearly the "experience".

              After I left, I realized "why didn't I just hand them back and say 'this isn't good enough'?". It has to happen for them to know. Or at least for them to realize that we know as well.

              ps: The sign says that you get either 3 or 5 rings. From experience, if they're what they are promising, it's enough.

        2. CRAP! I did miss them. I did go to burgerville on the way back from the coast but was too full....but I did cop a Blackberry Milkshake...good stuff.....

          1. I do love chowhound. A simple yes or no question with eight replies. Keep it up PNW board. You all are the best.