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Aug 3, 2006 06:08 AM

Bubble Tea

was in Edmonton for a wedding and was craving bubble tea!

yikes! Tea yummo!

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  1. Where is "Tea Place? What did you have - fresh fruit, milky, or powder? Price? Quality?

    Details please!

    1. I prefer the Tea Cottage (10588 100 Street NW) or Bubble King (inside T&T Supermarket at West Edmonton Mall). They're owned by the same person and have the best bubble tea in town. Can't remember exact prices, sorry.

      1. I had one from Bubble King - it was decent for sure. Not anything like the Dessert House here in Calgary (mmmm), but i was told they do a better job of milky teas - like tarot root, or blueberry milk tea.

        The one i always seem to go to in Edmonton is just off Calgary Trail and 80th Avenue (i seem to remember it being Tea Cottage as well, but im guessing im mistaken). Their seasonal fresh fruit is tasty, even if they don't have green apple jelly. Good pearls there!

        What is everyone's preference when it comes to Bubble Tea? Fresh fruit? Milky?

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          I like green tea w/ orange syrup (from tea shop 168 in TO or that place in Calgary Chinatown that used to be a 168), and I always get coconut jelly instead of pearls. Never, ever get milk, absolutely prefer fresh fruit, but my favourite is the fresh green coconut juice from Try Again (also Cgy Chinatown).

            1. re: alex8alot

              It's on the northeast corner of Centre Street and 2nd Avenue S i believe - it's the last building before the bridge (across Centre ST from Sakana Grill if you know where that is).

              They are expensive, but their quality (and quantity, a true place for a gourmand) is one of the best. I've been told that other places do better tarot root and other powdered drinks, but their fresh fruit is tops - good pearls, a wide selection of jelly's, and they bring whatever fresh fruit they can get their hands on. It's raspberry season, and there is nothing i'd rather have :)

              1. re: yen

                thanks for the directions. I need them as explicit as possible as I am a hopeless navigator. I will head there today.

                1. re: yen

                  absolutely worth it. thanks again for the directions. I now also have my eye on one of those exorbitantly priced rice makers. As ludicrous as it may sound, the rice tastes better out of those machines. I was dying to have my skepticism validated, but alas, it looks like I will have to fork out the money.

              2. re: yen

                I'm from Vancouver, and there they have a small chain called bubble world (yummm :D)
                My favorite flavours from them are honey milk tea and passion fruit green/red tea. There are lots of other places to get bubble tea, but there's this one in Richmond, and they have these huge serving portions, and my favorite from them is their mango, which is made with fresh mango, and has fresh mango slices on top.

                anyway, I'm going to Edmonton tomorrow, and I was looking for good places to buy bubble tea. Vancouver's asian food is pretty authentic, so I was hoping to find a place that has good bubble tea. ('cause I've been to Edmonton before, and I've tried somehorrible asian food.) but I know there's good stuff, so ifyou know anywere really good, please tell me! :3

              3. Oh yes, I love Bubble King in T&T also. Fresh fruit and milky is the way to go! The powder stuff is just wrong.

                Yen, I visited tea place when I was in Edmonton last and they are on st. albert trail in the big lot where the Cineplex Odeon is.
                They mix half real fruit and half powder.

                Is bubble tea a healty drink? considering it's just milk and fresh many carbs are there in sago anyway? lol

                ps. I've been out east (states and in Canada) and most places use powder. And they don't even crush the's just milk and powder with a few ice not yummy.

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                1. re: melsmith77

                  For me, i prefer pure fresh fruit.

                  Bubble Tea isnt that healthy. Fresh fruit is good for you, but they add a lot of sugar. You need to ask for less sugar if you want to lessen the caloric impact. Of course, this doesnt taste as good :) Sago is pretty reasonable calorie wise... though i don't know about carbs. Im assuming they are quite high in carbs

                  I blow it all away by getting green apple jelly.. which is definitely not good for you :)

                2. ugh, I know...I sometimes have lychee pieces instead of the sago...all sugar! so much for a healthy drink lol