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Aug 3, 2006 05:46 AM

Albuqueruqe: Places to buy NM Chile

I will be traveling to Albuquerque in late August and want to buy a variety of NM chile, including the hottest variety. Can anyone suggest a store or farmers market that may be selling NM chile around that time?

Best Regards

Cosmo M

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  1. every grocery store in the state will have chile available.

    1. Access the Dave DeWitt website that is about chiles.

      You may wish to contact Dave directly about your quest.

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      1. re: ChiliDude

        Curious, on how recommending a website based in Pennsylvania will help CosmoM find green chiles in ABQ? The green chile stands that sell and roast chiles and not quite up yet, they usually pop up in parking lots etc. with their chile roaster. This is going to be the best crop yet, so they say. I live near Santa Fe and they also are sold at the Farmer's Markets. Try googleing Farmers Markets in Albuquerque to find one near you.

      2. There are three stores in Albuquerque called The Fruit Basket. Go and ask for the Lemitar Hot. :-)

        1. "There are three stores in Albuquerque called The Fruit Basket. Go and ask for the Lemitar Hot. :-) "

          The Lemitar hot may be in short supply. LOTS of flooding in Lemitar. Does anyone know how the crop is affected?

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          1. re: austinguy

            I'm not sure about the crop this year, But...We were driven off I25 at Lemitar last month by a torrential hail storm. It must have damaged the crop since it damaged my car. Also, John Steinbach who was a major chile grower in Lemitar has closed his Coyote Moon Cafe. I still think about his chuncky green chile stew with shards of delicious hot green chile. I hope he's still growing it. It was great.

          2. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I also queried the farmer's market orgnaization with this reply:

            "Due to our July rains the chile crop is a bit
            slow ripening so I would call each Market Manager to
            find out the latest chile info.

            As for the Downtown (Farmer's) Market
            we should have some chile but you probably should call in advance."


            Cosmo M