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Aug 3, 2006 04:53 AM

Sno Cone Syrup Recipes

Hi folks- just got an ice shaver and I'm having some people from work over to enjoy it. Any great ideas for receipes for Sno Cone 9Snow cone, Shaved Ice) syrups. Fruit juice does not seem thick enough, but I'm willing to experiment. I did fine a few in a recent Bon Appetit, but could use more.


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  1. I've been pouring a mix of coconut milk and simple syrup over mine.

    1. If you're feeling lazy, Torani flavored syrups make a good topping, though they're pretty sweet, so use sparingly.

      1. Our local Hispanic grocery store carries snow cone syrups in a number of flavors. If you have a big Hispanic grocery near you, you might try it for some standard flavors, unless you're going the natural route. The syrups here are bright blue, pink, red, purple...lots of artificial stuff going on there without a doubt.

        Have you tried making a simple syrup infused with herbs like spearmint or rosemary or bay? I've used these in Italian sodas.

        1. Michael Chiarello did two versions of Italian ice recently. They syrups looked like the right consistency.

          1. There are a couple of really good 7 simple recipes.
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