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Aug 3, 2006 04:32 AM

Great Neck Kosher Restaurants

If any of you live in Nassau County, Long Island, New York, and want to go to delicious kosher restaurants, my friend, Great Neck's the town for you. Here'sa list of great restaurants and their descriptions.

La Pizzeria
114 Middle Neck Road
(516) 466-5114

My choice for the most delicious kosher pizzeria in Great Neck. They have pizza with all kinds of toppings, great sushi and pasta. The place connected to it on the right of it is called La Gelato. They've got some great ice cream, and they also make crepes with some sweet toppings.

Cho-Sen Village
505 Middle Neck Road
(516) 504-1199

This by far is probably the most delicous glatt kosher chinese restaurant in Nassau. They have lots of great food. Many different beef and chicken vegetable combinations, with a savory brown sauce. And have soups, and egg rolls too. And some great lo-mein spahetti. It's a little expensive, but way worth it.

Bagel Mentch
176 Middle Neck Road
(516) 487-2233

This is the only all-kosher bagel store in Great Neck. This is the best breakfast place. The make omeletes with different vegetables, variety of salads, and lots of different drinks. They have bagels, challahs, and pastrys. They also have pancakes and waffles. Think of it as a kosher Ihop to go.

624 Middle Neck Road
(516) 487-6666

There are two kosher persian restaurants in Great Neck; Colbeh, and Danny's. I think that Danny's food tastes way better then Colbeh, but Colbeh is a much fancier restaurant. Danny's has everthing such as chicken, mini steak, and lamb kebabs, persian food like tahdig and chorest, meaning crispy rice and stew. Sounds weird, but I think its the greatest tasting food.

There are like 10 more great restaurants in Great Neck, but It's hard to write about them all. Visit Great Neck. You'll never regret eating at a kosher restaurant here.

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  1. Some additions to your list. Shish Kabob Palace is also very good. However it is a little pricey for Mideastern style food. Also K Roasters has pretty good Chinese food for a fast food type of establishment. Chatanooga (another Persian restaurant) has both good food and ambiance.

    La Pizzeria has very good pizza. In my opinion, their pizza sauce is tastier than most of their competition.

    Chosen does have delicious food. My only issue with Chosen is that they are not very accomodating with their entree flexibility. Many of their white meat chicken dishes come with chicken chunks (big pieces). They will not slice the chicken smaller or thinner before it is cooked (I find that the smaller the pieces, the tastier the dish is).Otherwise, they have excellent service and food.

    1. The newest place, Great Neck Grill, has great food, great service, and pretty nice atmosphere. Cho-sen may not be flexible, but they are delicious nonetheless. K-Roasters (Empire) is great for a cheap, quick meal...esp. the lunch specials. Sorry, Jeter, but I much prefer Elite Pizzeria over La Pizzeria, but hey, to each his own! And yes, Shish kabob is very good, fresh and tasty, though agreed, a bit pricey. I think Great Neck Grill is slightly cheaper and just as good. Not a big fan of Persian cuisine, but Colbeh has a great reputation. If you want pricey, go to Bistro Grill, great food and excellent desserts. Anyway, certainly a nice variety to choose from!

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        Empire K Roasters closed about one year ago. We liked the Chinese food there, but alas!
        Joy Perla

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          Try Tel Aviv on Middle Neck Rd.. The ambience is OK, but the menu, I believe, is second to none in creativity, plating, originality and taste. The menu is changed regularly.

      2. Bistro is excellent although I miss their sushi it used to be top quality. When I went with people from work I was told that their stuff was comparable to the top non-kosher sushi places.